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Monika  Photographer/Cinematographer @Mtownphotography | YT:HijabiBengaliSisters | (πŸ“ΈπŸ“½)| (booking&promo)

I get it, I would consider myself a feminist too (through Islam), but I have seen some Muslim girls go so far to the point their "feminism" is going against their other belief, Islam. I get it, you, as well as I, get annoyed when certain guys always speak about what a woman should do but I'm able to put my ego aside and really think logically if something is actually true in our religion or if this guy is speaking from a misogynistic cultural point of view (like saying we should clean/cook & shouldn't work etc). Even if you hate that a certain message is coming from someone you hate, you need to be able to differentiate between the message and the person. You become a contradiction by saying "I can have sex with any guy I want" while believing in a religion that says we shouldn't have premarital relations like that. Do yawl get what I'm saying? Don't make certain haram things halal simply cause you believe in feminism. Whatever applies to us females also applies to men, don't forget that. I love God more than anything and would pick Him than doing something haram because "I should be able to do it too if men can". Like bye, those men are wrong for doing that too, it goes both ways lol

Just posting this up for the aesthetic.

@veronacollection - Hijab: Ridge in Latte
-Outfit: Modena Dress

I hope she don't kill me for posting this 😝😬 but I need to express how much I love this woman. She's a hard working mother, a woman who I wish to become one day. She's one of the few Muslims who I can ACTUALLY work with and not be scammed πŸ˜‚ (yawl know how some Muslims be). I've never met someone who's heart is so pure and kind even after every hardship she's been through. Almost reminds me of the prophet's heart. She does not utter a single bad thing about anyone and is always concerned about pleasing Allah when it comes to what comes out of her mouth and when she pursues a business (aka @veronacollection ) she gives MORE than necessary and even when she has nothing she'll still find a way to give even more. I hope to become half the woman she is today. She might hate me right now for posting this and talking good about her but whallahi if any Muslim business deserves to prosper, it would be hers. She's got morals and ethics and makes sure her income is always halal, in fact she first makes sure her employees get paid first before herself. She was my initial inspiration to pursue photography (even though I'll never be as good as her). Shes always trying to help me one way or another "Monika, you don't have a job? I got you" or "Monika, you can't find a good man? Don't worry I'll keep an eye out for a guy who's husband material for you" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I love her like the big sister I never had. She's a leader. She's an inspiration. Some may look up to me but I look up to her (other than the prophet). Thank you @lisamvogl for everything. May we have more memories together in the future & you'll always will be in my duas ❀️

I think it's VERY important to mention and remind everyone how FAKE people can be behind social media. I am serious. Do not fall for the "sweetness" or "luxury life" or "beauty" you see online. People will shove their "perfection" on here and may make you feel like you're not worthy or beautiful. WRONG. Do not fall for everything you see because there's a lot that goes on behind the scene that you all do not know about. Some "haram" things yawl may think is acceptable and okay goes more DEEPER than you think in representing what Islam really is. Just google search the word "hijab" and just look at one of the suggestions. Please do NOT fall for the things you see online or go with the hype of the crowd. Have a mind of your own and love YOURSELF. You and I are both beautiful. You and I are both awesome. You and I are both sisters. Never think I'm better than you because of the following I have. Many people who do good gets unnoticed but I see you! And most of all GOD sees you! Btw it was so nice meeting you all at ICNA. One of the kindest comments I got was "wow you behave exactly how you do online. You ain't pretending" like YES girl! If I get hated, at least i can say that they hate the real me than be loved for someone who's not me. I may not have the accent you picture me in, or the behavior you picture me in...but this is me, whether you like it or not and I'm not afraid to show it no matter how many people may think I'm "gross" or "displeasing" in their eyes.

Exhausted as hell while still lookin fly in my @veronacollection outfit/hijab. Btw the abaya dress I'm wearing will be coming out soon on their website and I absolutely love it!

It's so awesome meeting you all! You guys touched my heart, literally. InshaaAllah tomorrow is the last day I'll be there!

Say hi to me at booth 331!
Dress by: @veronacollection
Ma girl Farheen came thru with the photo.


With my bby 😍
Come at Verona collections booth 331! @veronacollection

See you sisters at ICNA today! Booth 331 with @veronacollections #NoProposalsPlease πŸ˜‚

Do you feel like you wanna take your hijab off? I get ya, I been there & trust me I was very close to doing it. But it made me realize that if my end goal was to become a better Muslim then taking my hijab off wasn't going to solve it. In fact, I knew in my heart that if I did take it off I'd probably ignore religion overall (again) and probably wouldn't think of wearing it again because I would enjoy the (sinful) life. I know that we think that taking our hijab off and putting it back on later will make us feel that we renewed ourselves & we'll feel how we all felt in the beginning when we first wore the hijab & that excitement and imaan boost was there. But unfortunately it's not always the case. You'll start to make excuses to not wear it again and make yourself believe it's okay, you may pray all 5 one day, and forget praying the next day, you'll start doing things you think is okay simply because you're not a hijabi anymore when in reality everything still applies to you no matter how you dress. Let's face it, taking off the hijab every time we feel low on the inside will never be a solution. In fact it'll make us feel more worse and confused. So I believe it starts from the inside with both your mind and heart. I always believe in praying no matter how lazy you feel. And I always make dua to Allah to renew my faith. Your intentions and imaan will always change but it doesn't mean you have to keep taking it off and on according to it. In that semi-viral YouTube video "taking my hijab off" I actually felt that way at the time and thought maybe wearing makeup will help me not feel ugly and not wanna take my hijab off. But now that I'm confident in my natural skin I realized it's truly the inside that will prevent me from taking my hijab off. Call me weird but I feel pretty confident in the way I look that it makes me wanna cover more. Confidence helps you not care how others see you and humility helps you be humble so that you don't need to show off what you have and just keep it to yourself. I hope ma sisters can fight through the temptation. Lord knows how hot (physically/temperature wise loll) we really are under all this garment πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ good luck sistas!

Yawl don't know the BS that goes behind the scene with people with a good decent amount of followers. People pretend to be a good friend to use you for their benefit. I hate taking money from people cause I get the struggle but I'm struggling too and I just happen to have a certain amount of following (I wouldn't say it's a lot). And I come across so many Muslims always using the BS "for the sake of Allah" to get free or super discounted stuff from me too. I work so hard to make sure that if anyone entrusts me with their money I will make sure to give them their money's worth. It's so much hard work and sometimes people would rather get things for free than care about how much hard work it is for you to do something for them. If you're a Muslim who use Islam to get free things from other Muslims, you're selfish. Stop manipulating Islam to your benefit and give people what they deserve. This ain't your country where you can bargain. This is AMERICA. Just cause we share the same faith don't mean you got the upperhand from other clients. How about you PAY ME for the sake of Allah? Being a photographer/cinematographer @mtownphotography can be hard, including having an account with a decent following. You just always gotta keep your eye out for users and fakers πŸ˜’

This is SO freakin disgusting! An Arab acquaintance of mine made a post about this and said she notices "Light skin Arab supremacy" in this video and she's also been a victim of being talked down to for not being the lightest Arab (she looks pretty light skin to me tbh) and she mentioned how it's something the Arab community should recognize and how this is one of the many evidence of how some can be & how some may feel superior from other Arabs/non-Arabs. This woman from Kuwait would rather record her "dark skinned" Ethiopian maid fall than to help her up. Disgusting. I hope more Arabs speak up against people like this. Trust and believe, I, too, speak up against my fellow Bengali nationalists too. It's just not right. Fair skin or dark skin, it's a freakin human. You're not any better just cause you're freakin light skin.

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