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Monika  Photographer/Cinematographer @Mtownphotography | YT:HijabiBengaliSisters | Sarker.m09@gmail.com (πŸ“ΈπŸ“½)| HijabiBengaliSisters@gmail.com (booking&promo)


I miss Ramadan 😭 eating food feels so haram. #GlowingSweat #RamadanBringsNoor

Miss independent and broke. But das ok.
Hijab: @veileddoll
Photography: @mtownphotography

If you're a guy, take some tips from this video of what NOT to do when getting a girl. Also, most of us females including myself will not settle out of desperation of aging and being afraid that we won't be desired cause we'd be "old". I'd rather be single than be married and unhappy. Trust and believe my expectations aren't skyrocket high it's just now a days it seems like marriage is the last thing on a guy's mind & I'm not down for that haram joint.

Beautiful hijab, perfect for the summer, in featherweight from @veileddoll

Being broke all the time keeps me creative. Here's a DIY for a crinkled hijab look. But if you can afford one check out @veronacollection for a good length and an affordable crinkled hijab 😊😝

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ by the way yawl I will not post that often this month. Gotta focus on myself. Hope you all are having a great Ramadan so far!

How was everyone's first day of fasting? I was literally 109 pounds before Iftar and then after Iftar I became 114 pounds and then an hour of breathing and goin to the bathroom I lost 3 pounds. My body is weird loll.
Top (medium): @iman_clothing
Hijab in featherweight material: @veileddoll
πŸ“Έ : @mtownphotography

Ramadan Kareem to all ma fellow Muslims! Also, let us encourage the "Ramadan Muslims" to continue to be better instead of looking down at them for being more practicing during this month. Being once a Ramadan Muslim myself, it was Ramadan 2010 that made me change fully to who you see today. So let us encourage and not belittle 😊
P.S we WILL be vlogging for YouTube and the video should be out by July loll (too lazy to edit everything separately)

Ramadan is almost here! If you're in the giving mood check out @iman_clothing to buy the top I'm wearing (I'm wearing size medium). Also ALL of the money is being donated to a good cause.
Also if you're looking for summer friendly hijabs that don't make you sweat, check out @veileddoll hijab in featherweight material. Good lord I felt like i wasn't wearing any hijab when I went out loll. It's got good selection of colors as well :)

I believe no matter how many sins you make while wearing the hijab, taking it off will not help the situation. I cannot stand people who say "you wear jeans? Take off your hijab then" "you wear makeup? Take off your hijab" like BRUH. Becoming that ideal hijabi takes years to become. I'm glad that it's easy for you to easily become that level but not everyone is like you. How are you gonna encourage haram cause you witness another haram. Makes no sense, you're only doing the devils work by saying that to a fellow hijabi. To attain that Islamic definition of the hijab is a journey, not a destination. You don't magically become perfect as soon as you wear it. It takes time. Remember, it's just a cloth, not some Harry Potter invisible cloak ish loll it doesn't have power. The power has to come from within.

Ma hijabi single ladies don't even lie, when you're wearing a dress/abaya and you don't want your ankles to look hairy IF the wind blows or you're walking up the stairs OR if you're having an all girls sleepover and don't want hairy legs to show when you're sleeping with your pants rolled up to your knees...this is EXACTLY how most of yawls legs look. Am I right? Cause personally even I don't shave my legs often like ain't nobody but the jinns seeing them anyways loll πŸ˜‚

So true. If you think about the "heroes" in our society you kinda have to wonder how they got there. Some people do some messed up things to others to get to the top. I have seen it myself (including some people who are on top right now with their "Muslim fame")

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