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Anick  En couple avec mon chéri depuis 28 ans et maman d'une grande Weightloss journey/perte de poids 🚫wrap 🚫pills thank you 😘😘

Well stop focusing only on the scale victory paid off! Lost only 2lbs but lost f inches on the waist, legs and hips! Very happy to see the change! No it is not moving as fast as I wish at the beginning of the year but very 😃 and will keep going this way! Goal for March : 1-keep drinking more water 💦 2- doing workout 3-4 times/week 3-keep focusing on nonscale victory 4-Taking time for me

January was not bad! Only lost 2lbs! 💩The scale does not move fast for me but you know what 🤔decide now to focus on the nonscale victory! They’ve been a few and this is helping to keep going! I lost inches on the hips, on the waist and a bit on the thigh! 🤗My teanage girl told me it was showing 😬 coming from mean a lot! My goals this month will be reflecting this 1- drink water; 2- workout 3 times weekly; 3- go to bed earlier (this will not be easy) 4-lose 4 inches on the hips 5 -take time for me

Ok 2018 was not good for me and I gained weight back! Now time to get back on track with food and my workout 🏋️‍♀️// I did it once and can do it again : I am now at 149lbs and my measurements 😩! So starting January with some goals: 1- drink water; 2- workout 3 times weekly; 3- lose 3lbs ( I know I do not lose weight fast) 4- take time for me. Now I need my fitfam to help me to stay motivate @ashleybrooke81 @becafitandhappy @carishealthjourney @samstartshere @yourtime2be_ @pearbottomsandbreadsticks

2018 have been very hard emotionnaly so putting this behind and looking forward for 2019! Happy New year to everyone and let’s mâle this year the best! 🥂// 2018 fut une dure année émotionnelle, je regarde devant et faire de 2019 une belle année ! Bonne année à tous 🥂

Definitaly not easy to keep going! Specialy when the scale refuse to move 🤬😤except to go up 🤐was about to give up on doing my workout until I decide to take my measurement 😮I was surprise that I have lost inches on my thighs and on the hips! Ok not a lot but any l’ost count! So of course I decide to continue! I decide to add a special goal this month : doing something just for me: As a mom and wife, I do a lot of things for my family and this is perfect but I have to take the time also to take care of myself :painting, scrapbooking or else.

September been hard emotionaly and the scale did not move 🙅🏼but i want to look forward and focus on my October goals 💪🏼// septembre a été difficile émotionnellement et la balance n’a pas bougé 🙅🏼mais je regarde en avant et travaille sur mes buts pour Octobre 💪🏼

Ok girl!! I need your help? How do you stay motivate every week to keep doing your workout? During 3 weeks I do it no problem jut after.. sometime I let excuses win𗀲 after it come back and after.. well you know need your help girls!! Need motivation please 🙏🏼🙏🏼

August went well :did workout 3/4 days a week, eat well and lost 4lbs𗀕𗀕 but since that was gain from vacation let’s see in September 🍁but don’t want to go crazy as the idea is to be healthy 💪🏼// Août s’est bien passé: fait mes exercices 3/4 fois semaine, me suis bien alimentée et même perdu 4lbs🤩🤩 mais bon c’était les livres pris pendant les vacances voyons voir ce que septembre 🍁 me réserve mais je ne me stress pas le but est d’être en santé 💪🏼

Time to get back my vacations ☀️are over 😩!Got to admit that my eating was not🙈 and didn’t workout. So let’s go will workout 3 time weekly and eat well!!//bon les vacances ☀️sont terminés😩! Je dois admettre m’être laissé aller 🙈et n’est pas fait d’exercice! Let’s go, je m’y remet: je vais m’entraîner 3 fois semaine et bien m’alimenter

Last piñacolada 🥥🍍before leaving tomorrow morning 🍹Dernier pinacolada avant de partir demain matin

𗀔last day of an amazing trip with my daughter ☀️🎍dernière journée de ce merveilleux voyage avec ma fille


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