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minna_cym  🏠miniature and dollhouse maniac🏠🎈Dunking the life cookie in the milk of happiness and all things beautiful. 🎈✈Traveling and cooking keep me sane🍰

After almost 6 months of sweat and tears (90% tears), our home sweet home is finally all done! Because we have unfortunately hired an unscrupulous contractor who constantly tried to scam and sabotage us, our project was delayed for over two months, during which my mental health was greatly affected. I had a taste for the first time of what depression felt like. Looking back, of course it is easy for one to say "see I told you everything would be alright eventually." but when you are stuck in a soul draining downward spiral, there is very little reasoning that can instantly pull you out of the shit abyss. In fact, those "logical thinking" more often than not may make the person feel worse and disconnect from the world even more. That's why I am super thankful for those who stuck by my side and genuinely reached out and helped me through that difficult time, be it giving us advice on how to battle those scumbags from the construction company, or dog sitting Eleven when our house is still in shambles, those of you who cared enough to do more than to whisper a nonchalant "the tough time will be over soon" or "that's just how it is with contractors. You should've seen it coming". Despite the hell that we've been through, I am grateful for the struggles because I have learned so much about myself. Michael and I have learned so much more about each other (a great pre-marital course) And because we fought really hard for this home, we now appreciate it even more. It may not be a mansion, but waking up every morning in this home truly is a blessing and the best reminder of how lucky we are to have everything that we've got. Now let the house warming festivities begin!

Early morning flight arrival 😴at Bangkok calls for a strong pick-me-up ☕️: double shot Tom Yum Kung soup🤤😋!

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings! I've planned another eventful and meaningful birthday for myself!
🍝PAMPERED myself with a gourmet lunch
🥊CHALLENGED myself by getting my ass kicked in a Thai boxing class
💉GAVE BACK to the society by donating blood
🚗UPGRADED myself by enrolling in a driving course
💰PLANTED HOPE in the future by getting a lotto ticket
So grateful for all the lovely people in my life! #自己的生日自己安排

We made our Greek dinner! The whole spread except for the main course which was our own rooftop view of the Acropolis. Now my eyes are full too!😍😋

When your boyfriend suddenly gets all artistic and offers to sketch you...😒 #apparentlyIamanAmazonwoman

🌅 Sunset dreaming in Santor-leany 💗
#santorini #greece #sunset

👩🏻Hi! I'd like to book a table for two please. Can I request a spot with good view of Athens? 💁🏼Certainly! How about that one suspended 50m up in the sky?

#dinnerinthesky #athens #greece #keepyourseatbeltfastened

So that's how it feels like flying above a giant bowl of melting whipped cream! 😄👍🏻🍦

It's not sunshine and rainbow here in Istanbul☁️, but definitely better than the dreadful typhoon weather in Hong Kong🌪. Stay safe pals! But for now, have a piece of Turkish delight and tomorrow is a going to be a better day!💖

Should we call an exorcist? 👻😨😂

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