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Lee Davis  21 year old guy who is trying to better himself, loves to travel and meet new people. Loves his twin to death, making people laugh and smile.

You been hacked. Glad to have ran into you at the airport in Seattle! Have fun in AK! I’ll try to have fun in OK! 😅

This guy... Love you bro! You've always been there for me and helped me and all that stuff! I know we fight and just grind each other's gears but who doesn't? I can't ask for a better brother other then you! I love you man! ❤️❤️ 😜😘😳😲 haha:) #twin #California #red #shades #lovehim #peace

My WCW!:) this beautiful girl! I can't even describe her, because she's that freaking awesome!!:) you've always been there for since he beginning! You've dealt with just about everything I could've thrown at you! You could've left a long time ago but yet you choose to stay each and every day! I can't describe how much I love you!!! And how much I care for you! How much I need you in my life!! You always make my day a lot better when I'm at my worst! You know me and know when I'm down:/ and you try your best to make me happy and keep me that way. I love you babe!:) and thanks for all that you do and have done for me!:) #WCW #beautiful #girlfriend #thankyou!:)

This one... Is probably the best one out of all the ones I have of her! She is amazing!! #love #her #girlfriend #best #one #ever #shemakesmesohappy!

# me # aero

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