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Jason Schofield  Gamer, Nerd, , lead singer of Coldplay.

I bought Marvel a rubber kettle ball today. He hasn’t left it alone since I opened the package. #newfavoritetoy #marvelthebulldoggo

I could not be more please with my Predator and Alien prints. And the Hue lights makes them so much more badass looking!

Decided to create my own mini TV screensaver today above my neighborhood.

Time-lapse of last nights snow storm.

What the hell Crandal @starbucks?!?! Fill the god damn cup!!! I’m not paying over $5 for coffee to a fifth of it emptied for me. Get your shit together! #starbucks #starbucksfail

Careful when you head bang, you could head bang your hair clean off! #haircut #metal #heavymetal #headbang #headbanging #fronthawk #fauxhawk

I’m breaking social media silence for February for this post. I am literally fuming and furious of the response people are making towards the victims of the recent mass shooting. These are children! Someone coming into a school with intent to kill as many people as possible should be the literal last thing any of them should EVER have to worry about. A change needs to happen. And this is the statement that this asshat makes days after grieving students and parents who drove hours to watch the system in front of them fail. A system that’s suppose to safeguard them from this happening again in the future. Fuck this guy!

Fractured wrist be damned! I’m still riding my @rideonewheel to work.

Human throws now?

Saying Marvel loves the snow is just a bit of an understatement. #marvelthebulldoggo

Love living in Silent Hill... I mean Salt Lake City. As do my lungs.

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