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Nimo and Odi 

May every child live in peace

Nap time. My kids like to touch and feel everything before they go to nap.

Та нартаа шинэ модон тоглоом хийдэг газар дуулгах гээд. Манай шинэхэн гишүүнтэй танилц. Ийм хөөрхөн байшин харсан уу? Будагтай ч бас байдаг юм байна лээ шүү. Facebook дээр Berry’s toy world гэж хайгаад үзээрэй манайхан


Kids are sick and having fevers. But i’m trying act normal although i’m bit depressed. There are times when you are so tired and just wish you could lay in bed the whole day

Today is the day that i’m celebrating my birthday. It was a very slow living day. The birthday cake was beautiful that i totally forgot to take a picture. I’m so happy that i spent it with my loved ones and i’m so sad that it’s monday tomorrow

They teach me everyday 💛

Love the natural wooden toys from
Өнгөгүй натурал солонготой болох бидний хүсэл биеллээ


That map will be hanged properly soon

this beauty

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