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Samyra Zane Abweh  ✨19 ✨48KG Int Elite PL| 843 total 506 wilks 🏋️‍♀️ ✨@FeedMeFightMe Athlete 'MINIMYRAA' 10% off

Looks like my neck veins are about to burst #TomatoHead🍅
I serious cannot wait to step on the platform again! Competing is easily one of my favorite things to do. I love the you vs. you mentality of powerlifting. There's always new goals to set, new numbers to chase, and there's always room to improve. 🤗🏋️‍♀️
#PC @bbentleyphoto 📸
#powerlifting #cetcusopen

Enjoying this off season because I get to eat all zee food and all zee ice cream 🍦 #IceCreamOnMyLegsAndIceCreamInMyBelly

Thx bumper plates for making it look I'm deadlifting more than I actually am 🤣
Yesterday I worked up to 265 for 6x5. I have no idea how people can deadlift with a stiff bar. It feels so different 😭
#feedmefightme @feedmefightme

Bendy bendy 🙈

Oops my video went missing lol so here it is again.
Boob thangs
I did 4x8 with 145, sets of 10's with 55 lb dumbbells, and lots of accessories. All this volume is fun but evil 😤🤗
#feedmefightme @feedmefightme

What a gorgeous day 🤗 #HandstandsEverywhereIGo

Squats form zee other day. Did 5x7@185 followed by high bar squats and front squats. Left leg felt a little funky so it was a bit harder than it should've been 🤣🙃
Wearing my taco shorts from @feedmefightme 🌮 use minimyraa @ checkout 🤑


I wanna get my back thick af. Did sets of 8 wide grip pull ups for funnsies 😺
Wearing my neon @feedmefightme crop ☀️

The new @feedmefightme taco shorts are in stock! 😍 use minimyraa to save some money ✨

Boob thangs. Did sets of 8 @140 and lots of accessories so I can get my arms thick af 🕺 #feedmefightme

Lots of squats today 😅 did 5x7 @175 didn't mean to pause the last 1 #oops then did high bar pause squats, front squats and lots of accessories. #MaybeThisIsTheYearSquatsStartToLoveMe 🤞@chrisrobinsin @feedmefightme

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