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Samyra Zane Abweh  I eat big weights, lift heavy food & bend weird. ✨19 ✨48kg Int Elite PL| 843 total 506 wilks 🏋️‍♀️ ✨@FeedMeFightMe Athlete 'MINIMYRAA' 10% off

Some sumo chain work today 🌚
300 + 80ish lbs of chainzzz (I think🤦‍♂️). Working towards that 800 plus deadlift and that Afro hair look. 😝
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#105boiz #feedmefightme #bossofbosses4 #powerlifting

Accessory work is my fav part about training. Do yo accessories doods ✌️
I'm actually only uploading this bc I like my shorts 🍭 and bc I look like I kinda have muscles. 🙄😂 #IWannaGetBuffyAndStuffy

3x3 at 185 🤑
Followed by reverse band bench at 225. I don't think my bench has ever felt this great! I so excited 😝 4 weeks out gotta keep grinding 🤘
I also recorded some of my boob day training for my YouTube channel which might be out tonight or tomorrow! 😊
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf
#105Boiz #48kgweightclass
#feedmefightme #boobday #archboiz #bossofbosses4 #powerlifting

I make all them bitches drool when I kiss them 🐶
#HeheJkKona #ily❤️

Sometimes all it takes to achieve your goals is consistency and hard work. #ChasingDemGoalsOneDayAtATime 😤💃
On a side note, I'm going to finally go through with it and make a YouTube. What would y'all like to see? 👀😇
#GrowMusclesGrow #BuffPuffyDay #feedmefightme

Yesterday's deadlifts 👐
After some speedy pulls, I did pause deadlifts with 250 for 3x5.
These are supaaa funsies 🤗
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf
#105boiz #feedmefightme

Aw my date is so cute and nice. She even paid for my dinner 😩💕

Good morning world 🌞
Been working my booty off lately inside and outside the gym. Not just physically but mentally as well, and I've honestly never felt this confident about myself or my body. It's the most amazing feeling ever to finally feel comfortable with yourself 😌🙈 It's crazy how a simple positive thought can change the way you view/think about yourself ❤️ never underestimate the power of positivity.

But what I'm actually trying to say is "look at my butt guys"🙄

#Chainzzz. 🤗
105, 130, 150, 170
Followed by boob and buffy stuff.
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf
#105boiz #feedmefightme #powerlifting

Oh hey, found my twin in the dressing room the other day 👯
#FeelinGood #SunsOutBunsOut ☀️

Hit a 3 RM today at 245! I did this for 2x3 bc I forgot to record my first set 😂🙄
I used to be so afraid of squatting, but as soon as I stopped doubting myself my squats have improved by a tremendous amount bc I pushed the word "can't" out of my brain. I'm a firm believer of where the mind goes, the body will follow. So stop doubting yourself and just do it 😤 trying to get this little body strongggg.
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf
#105boiz #48kgweightclass #feedmefightme #bossofbosses4 #powerlifting #squats #bodybuilding

Does this mean I don't have to train legs since I'm a mermaid up in dis bitch? #🐠💦 (fish emoji cuz no mermaid emoji)
#feedmefightme @feedmefightme

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