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Samyra Zane Abweh  ✨19 ✨48kg Int Elite PL| 843 total 506 wilks 🏋️‍♀️ ✨@FeedMeFightMe Athlete 'MINIMYRAA' 10% off

I haven't touched 300+ in like 2 months so these kinda felt a lil rusty, but they moved okay so I is happy 😇
I did 5x3 with 315 and some pausey deadlifts at 250 for 3x6. 🤗
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf
#105boiz #48kgweightclass #feedmefightme #powerlifting #deadlifts

It's deadlityyyy day 💀✊️

Officially 9 weeks out from #BOB4 🙌🙌
Started this strength block with bench for 5x5 at 150 followed by boob and back thangs. (.)(.)
#105boiz #powerlifting
@feedmefightme @ginahalfwolf @bossbarbellclub

This is the first time where I've actually felt this comfortable with my body and myself so I'm gonna rock it ❣️😌

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think about how truly precious time is. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."✨

Today I did some beltless sumos for 4x4 at 2755 followed by conventionals and snatch grip deadlifts. 🤤🤤 Everything feels gr8 I is happy💃
@feedmefightme #feedmefightme #105boiz

Biceps why you so non existent¿ Plz tell me.
Flexing for Mercia in my @feedmefightme shorts 🇱🇷😍
Use ✨minimyraa to save some 💰

Life becomes simpler and lighter when you start to love & appreciate yourself ♥️

Squatties 2day ❤️
I worked up to 6x4 at 215 then did high bar pause squats at 185 for 3x3. Tryna make my squats less povertyish or something.
Thanks bumper plates for making it look like I'm squatting 500. 😊 #IActuallyAmSquatting700 #105boiz #feedmefightme @feedmefightme

Trying to get supa flexy again 💛

@rena_serenaa: "Let's do sprints in 100 degree weather!" 🙄
TBH I was super surprised that I could still run a mile without dying lol. My goal is to sprint at least once or twice a week. I always say that I am but I don't always go through with it 😹 dis time around I'm going to stick to it because it's actually super fun and extremely challenging. #newpersonwhodis #💃

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