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Justine Brasseur❤️  ⛸Figure skating is my passion❤️ ~work hard dream big~ noé bff😘 life is beautiful💕👑 @jujuuuonthebeeeeat

Exactly 1 year ago I performed at Nationals in junior ladies and I’m really excited to be back this year but this time in Senior Pairs!! @mark_bardei and I can’t wait to skate at our first Nationals together!! Une belle semaine nous attend⛸❤️ merci @danielleearlphotography for the pictures💜

In love with this babyy🐾🐶

Hapiness is the best makeup🤩 📸: @askakipo

I’m a sunflower a little funny🌻 #beyourownkindofbeautiful #sierraburgessisaloser #loveyourself

Happy birthday to my amazing coach and throwback to a happy moment at Nationals last year⛸ bonne fête Bruno et merci pour tout!!! 😁💙 #figureskating #skatecanada #edeaskates

The sunset was almost as beautiful as him🌄

I feel so grateful to have seen this beautiful wedding💗💗 merci Ju et Oli💍 #JuOli2018

Happiness can exist only in acceptance💭

Wish I could see them more often🖤

Something tells me I’m going to love you forever❤️ @askakipo tb to your long hair🤟

Watching peyongchang reminds me how lucky I was to represent, 2 years ago, at the opening ceremony of the youth Olympics games, one the 5 continents, the America. It’s an experience that I will never forget!! Go Canada go🇨🇦❤️ #YOG #iloveyog #olympics #lillehammer2016 #peoyongchang2018

Really excited to perform my first Nationals in junior ladies!! Also I can’t wait to start a new season in pairs with my new partner Mark Bardei!! Une année excitante m’attend!! 💙⛸ @mark_bardei

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