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Welcome To Mini Cat Town!  A little town where kitties come & go. Passing through is only the start of their journey. Our Mission: Rescue, Foster & TNR. 📍San Jose, California

Rough day doing #TNR in Gilroy, CA. The one cat we caught escaped, because we we tried to transfer her to a kennel, so we could reset the trap. We only had three traps total. After sitting there for a couple more hours without any luck, we decided it wouldn't hurt to go grab a bite to eat. We returned to find one of our traps missing from the area, after thoroughly searching, it was decided someone probably walked off with it. We ended up not trapping a single cat and losing one of our traps in the process. We shall be back on Monday to try again. 😪

Mini Cat Town is accepting kittens! As you all know, we are currently empty and are motivated going into kitten season this year. Our goal? To save as many kittens as possible! So if you are in the Bay Area and find kittens between the ages of 0-8 weeks old, send us an email at Minicattown@gmail.com. However if you find kittens, please do not remove them from their place unless they are in immediate danger. Instead, please leave them be and contact us. Chances are, the mom cat is nearby and will return. We will keep the kittens and their mom together if we are able to humanely trap her. She and her kittens can remain together until they are old enough to go to their new homes. She will then be spayed, stay with us during recovery, and then released. Also of you know of any feral colonies in the area who have not gone through the TNR program, we will be happy to come set traps. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you for helping us keep cats and kittens in our community safe!

Hi Everybody! 😸👋 Apologies for the inactivity! Mini Cat Town is currently vacant. We have Rosie here to let you all know that we are doing well and gearing up for kitten season! Keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals, it shouldn't be too long now. 👀 This year, we want to do more for our animal community! We have plans in the works for TNR projects and taking on as many kittens as we can! That being said, we need the funding to do so. If you have any ideas on how to raise funds for our projects, do let us know! We'd love any feedback that you might have on how to fundraise and any other comments, questions, or concerns about our cause! We are looking forward to an amazing year with you all! Thank you so much for your support. ☺️💞

Loki, another one of our chocolates, previously named Ferrero, is doing great! His mom says he's great at fetching, gets along well with his kitty sister, and loves to play in his cardboard tunnels and boxes! He also really likes eating fruit, like melons and mangos. He's the sweetest little guy and we're happy that he and his family are doing well! 😊❤️

Remember Hershey and Nestlé? Now better known as @axel_and_sharpie are doing well! Their family originally adopted one and came back for a second kitten soon after! We love adopting all kittens out to all of our amazing families, but there's just something so special about bonded pairs! 👯‍♂️💞

Remember our wizards? @pebblesbambam03 might not have wizard names anymore, but we still love them and their names just the same! Follow them for more magical kitty hugs! ☺️❤️

Truffle (previously Simon) is also doing well! He has kitty playdates and the most comfy naps we've ever seen! He doesn't have an instagram page, we just wanted to let everyone know that he's happy and healthy! 😊❤️

@marthajonesthecat is also from our Halloween bunch and an adventure kitty like Rosie! She hangs out in trees, goes on bike rides, and road trips! Follow @marthajonesthecat for updates on her incredible life! ☺️❤️

@pieces.o.reese is such a character! She's from our Halloween bunch and doing so well! Her parents love to post funny and adorable photos of her shenanigans! Follow @pieces.o.reese for more! 😻

Mini Cat Town is currently empty, so we'd like to catch you up on some of our previous fosters! Starting with @mami_and_morty! Morty was adopted from us a little over a year ago and loves his new home! He and his sister are spoiled by their amazing parents and living the life they deserve! If you like these pictures, please follow @mami_and_morty for more! 😻

Fudge, now named Sophie is doing well and cuddling with Luna, who is also a previous Mini Cat Town Rescue! 😻

All of the #icecreamshopkittens have gone off to their new homes, if you would like to continue watching them thrive in their new homes, you can follow them @the_pawed_couple (Waffles), @stellalunasisters (Previously Truffle and Mint), and @hello.my.name.is.scout (Previously Sundae). Fudge does not have one, but rest assured, she is doing well! Special thanks to all of our adopters for giving them their happy endings! ❤️❤️❤️

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