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jason blanchard  Moving Pictures📽 Unemployed Since ‘98

...framey of Dane @sealtooth from “COPACETIC” check out the full edit on @stab @former @vanssurf

funny, in the early 90’s i used to work for @jake_kelley ‘s father Tim Kelley in the meat🥩department at Vons Grocery. His dad would scream at us during the holidays, cuz he was the boss, and it was so damn hectic with turkey🦃and prime rib orders it was easy to go insane. Tim, who is a good kiteboarder and licensed #falconer would talk about his young Jake all the time, saying he was really starting to like the ocean😂 Fast forward to the above photo during the recent #fabioswell where Jake is now an accomplished barrel hunter, wondering what to do with four hours of daylight left and a buckled board.🤔 Stoked to see how Tim has raised such a good human and look forward to watching Jake blow minds for years to come.🙏🏼🙌🏼

...after getting barreled all day, Mateo likes to study row crops on the journey home...

Settin’ up shop in Mex🇲🇽 Photo:📷Sam Moody @clubmedsucks

matt mccabe, oaxacan monsoon🇲🇽


Jake Anderson @former @hufworldwide #ringoffire 🔥🔥🔥

💖Mom💗ventura high school, 10th grade, 1960🙌🏼

180 shutter frame grab of Dane in Mexico🇲🇽was hand-picked by @sealtooth to be his first ever @vans advertisement🙌🏼and my film “lost interest” from the same trip went on to win Best Short at the 2011 #surferawards @vanssurf

Craig Ando and Dave Fox🦊doin’ work in Portugal🇵🇹 #former #premiumviolence #portugalisnotaman

that’s me havin’ a drag at my fav place in the world🌎photographed by @sealtooth Dane shot this with an old b/w waterproof disposable while he was rehabbing a bum knee. Lucky me🍀 @dragboardco @msi1

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