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Hien Minh🎀  P 🐣

The fancier the restaurant the stronger the liquor , he said .

Man, I wish I'm 25 with a degree so I can just move to California . Long term goal ? To move to LA in 7 years haha😂

You are such a good person , great friend with my parents, and a wonderful husband. Hope you'll get better. ❤️ "Science can only go so far, then comes god"


When I mention about traveling together it was just a girl's dream of relationship goals 😂😂😂 But you actually took the Initiative and arrange this trip for us , also paid for it. driving from point A to point B no matter how long it would take because I wanted to go everywhere, reminded me to not be grumpy when I feel hungry because you will feed me, took care of me when I felt ill, running around buying medicine and food for me, carried my purse when I didn't feel like holding it anymore, I know I'm selfish, childish and indecisive all the time but at the end of the day you'd still watched me do my long ass night skincare routine, massage my legs after a long day of walking & patiently waited for me to get ready every morning, cleaned up the house on the last day of the trip and packed our luggages &let me laid on your laps on the air plane.
Thank you for this trip. (Just a little reminder for myself to be grateful having you by my side and following your foot steps to be as successful as you )

Bubble tea with hookah .Boba bear let us keep the mason jar .

Interior design resemble the Japanese street .

The waiting line for this was pretty long but it was worth it . Good taste very fresh .

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