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Check it, link in biooo

"an unsuspecting saumya"
A photo series by Rosie Vicich, about the use of technology as a surveillance tool, and how this power can be abused. For me these photos represent the nature of growing up in our current time, and how surveillance is almost inescapable, espically to those who are, as some critics would say "really fucking hot"

First time in 9 weeks

Hey guys welcome to pimp my shoes, today I pumped @_saumya_ 's shoes, chuck her a follow if ya want, I pumped her shoes with a couple stickers, they were taken from some authentic mandarins, two to be exact. I really enjoyed working on these shoes and I'm really proud of my work. Don't forget to follow for more pimp my shoes #pimpmyshoes #art #swag #squadgoals #squad #lmao #niceshit #nice

This song is dedicated to the wonderful @omgiona , I appreciate and enjoy our friendship, hope it lasts for a long time 02/06/2017

This is a call out post πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ know πŸ‘ who πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ are πŸ‘


Lee came over for a calssic game of Catan, but then shortly after we started our game, he was paged to go to a fire, Because he's a fireman, I miss you lee, I have though about you like 6 times since you left all those three hours ago, forever in my photo stream

Listen to the laugh at the start

Love yall


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