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Mindy Gledhill  Indie singer-songwriter who will leave you floating like cream in a cup of tea. New Album, “Rabbit Hole,” Out Now!

You gotta live a little in the dark to appreciate the morning light.

Yesterday, while traveling, I listened to Ekhart Tolle talking about how gratitude for the present moment is how we open up the spiritual dimension of life. I am soaking up his writings right now. This morning, I drove past this “traffic sign” in Camarillo, California and came to an abrupt halt. It’s amazing how life mirrors back what you begin to focus on. #hipstamatic

Throwing it back to this haircut today. It’s not just the haircut (although, it remains a favorite). I’m throwing it back to a former version of this woman. What a gift it is that we get to grow and morph through each phase of life and then look back and honor what we were learning and how it all looked at the time. Honoring our past lives and how they’ve shaped us, is a rather beautiful use of the present. (Photo by @jordan_is).

Ryyyyyaaaaannn. The sun has risen and set on dozens of chapters with you. And this book just keeps getting better.

Reminder to Self: We are deep into spring. Deep. Everything is pushing itself to the surface, stretching and expanding with every effort. Mother Earth has been holding so much. She has held you too. Learning to take a breath in a new season for the first time? Painful. But you must breathe or die. So breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. You are life. You are consciousness. You are the universe inside of a body. You simply are. Now be. (📷 by @justinhackworth).

🎵When you reach for the stars, don’t forget who you are, and don’t you turn around and grow up way too fast. See the sand in my grasp, from the first to the last; every grain becomes a memory of the past. Oh, life’s an hourglass. Life’s an hourglass.🎶 #happymothersday

In the 7 years I’ve been on Instagram, I’ve tried to create meaningful content as I’ve shared my human journey. But in the weird social media lab rat experiment we are all in, I’ve also said some things I wish I could have a “do-over” with. Forgive me, dear friends. I want to be a better person. Onwards and upwards. Peace and love. Have a fantastic weekend.✌️❤️ (Photo by @jordanbreee).

I read this piece I wrote about the 2017 “Great American Eclipse” at the Mesa show on Monday, right before I sang “Cosmic Kiss.” Some of you may remember that I read it onstage at the first “LoveLoud Festival.” At the request of a fan, I’m posting the piece here again. 🌞❤️🌝 @halie.gove Enjoy: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////“This week, we experienced the rare phenomenon of a total eclipse. Humanity from around the world came together to be a part of something larger than all of us — the union of two unlikely lovers in our galaxy, crossing paths and mesmerizing the world with their cosmic kiss. The sun and the moon exist in the same galaxy, serving a similar purpose — to sustain life on earth under the umbrella of their watchful care. Yet, as similar as their purposes are, these intrinsic forces of light exist in completely opposite paradigms. Literally, they are the difference of night and day. Both are essential to our survival. It strikes me as significant that this event occurred in the recent wake of heated racism and rioting; during a time when terrorist attacks around the world seem to be in the news on the regular. A time when the political polarization in our country is palpable. A time when there is much angst at the intersection of our LGBTQ and religious communities. It's as if the universe itself were belting out a LOUD and POWERFUL song all about the blinding light that has the potential to transform us when we eclipse with our opposites. And the best part is, the sun still gets to be the sun, and the moon still gets to be the moon, each standing in the beauty of their individuality.”

Love my Mesa people SO MUCH. Thanks to all who came out to the Mesa Arts Center! Huge thanks to @leaveittoleavitt for these photos! HEART IS FULL. EXPLODING IN 5,4,3,2 . . . 💥💞🎉

Last night after I finished a show in Mesa, AZ, someone mentioned how I should have arranged for newspapers, radio and press outlets to cover the show — how I should have had every seat filled. It wasn’t said in a condescending way at all, but rather with the intention to sincerely be helpful and offer constructive criticism. However, at first, I felt a little embarrassed, like I wasn’t legitimate enough or like I hadn’t tried hard enough. But I am learning more and more to recognize my ego when it wants to shout over the sound of my true heartbeat. When I feel insecure, or lacking, I can be sure it is my ego speaking. This simple recognition helps me transition back into an abundance mindset. Honestly, I am less and less interested right now in the “doing” and the “hustling” and more and more interested in the “being” verb of life. If the songs on this new album have spoken to you, they have REALLY spoken to you and I am so grateful. I am noticing that my shows are yielding the most intentional audiences I’ve ever experienced. I’m thinking of a mother and young daughter who flew from Utah to be at my Mesa show simply because the show I did a few nights ago in Salt Lake was 21+ and they felt they really “had” to make it to a show. I’m remembering the group of girls who road-tripped to Salt Lake from a small town near Las Vegas because in their words more or less “we are alone out here in the desert and your journey has really spoken to us.” I’m holding space for the young transgender woman who waited until the last person left at the State Room, to simply tell me her story in a nutshell, and how much one of my songs meant to her. I’m just not motivated by the fanfare of press and radio at the moment. And I’m certainly not motivated by the money. But today as I drove home, it rained in the desert and my soul has been filled to the brim. I feel more internal abundance than I can explain, so much so, that I have wept with these skies today.

Tonight! Mesa! Laughing! Crying! Loving! Living! @mesaartscenter #rabbithole

Last night’s show at @thestateroom in Salt Lake City was one of my favorite shows ever. Shout out to the snorter, the Vegas girls, and the guy in the audience who made me laugh onstage until I couldn’t speak. Even bigger shout-out to Natalie Simpson of @beehivephotovideo for these pictures. ✨❤️✨ Driving to Mesa, AZ today for the show tomorrow night on May 6th at the @mesaartscenter.

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