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Mindy Smith  Luckiest wife in the world, and Interior Design 👨‍🎓...hehehe wooo hoooo...full of Happy happy joy joy...and some really tasty beer mixed in😜🍺

I just don't understand why people don't like driving to and from Vegas. I put on wonderful music, and get to look at this for 4 hours....ahhhhj breathtaking!!!

And I could never leave out the handsome Pierre...I mean he is the same age as my kitties and I love him so much!!! Your "The coolest" Pierre 😻

Omgoodness I had the most wonderful time in Vegas with @themusiclovah one of my oldest and bestest friends ever!!! We celebrated her birthday and even my graduation and the topping on the cake was this little snicker doodle "Lady Milo"...the newest edition to her already amazing family! She's so freaking cute it was hard not to pick her up and snuggle snuggle snuggle. 😻

Happy birthday to my Aimeeoozzzzzz @themusiclovah I love you and after over 2 decades and some crazy times I am so happy to be here with you and your wonderful friends Minnie and Angie. Today was the best day!!! Love you beyond words ❤️❤️❤️

Omgoodness thank you baby Jesus for getting me out of LA for the next few days. Going to visit @themusiclovah Aimeeeezzzzz wooooo hoooo for her birthday!!! So excited to get some relaxation time in with my amazing friend and her awesome friends!!! 🤘💋💞😝

And finally....💦some of the most powerful, brilliant, talented and kick ass woman I've ever met. I never would have made it without you guys. Thank you for being my AI family. Together forever biatchesss. And to my friend, mentor and teacher Mark. Seriously...what in the hell would we have done had we not had your soap box to guide us. Lol. I love you all to 1000 construction 😏 pieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #grateful #badasswoman #AI #lovemyfriends

Omgoodness I am so freaking grateful for all of you. Thank you @1whitemare (mom), Paparuski, Mama Patty, for being the coolest parents EVER!!! @smittyblade (the most amazing hubby in the universe),and @ccostanza my amazing friend for making yesterday so special I seriously couldn't stop crying 😭 lol. My heart is so full of love and gratitude, thank you!!!

I can't believe after all I've been through this day has finally come. I feel so blessed for all the amazing people in my life who stuck by me even when things were hard and believed in me. This will always be one of my biggest accomplishments. Now I know I can do anything. Anything is possible. Wooooo hoooooo I am officially graduated #graduate #holyshitballzzz #badasswoman #grateful #anythingispossible

So one of my very favorite people and AI Hippie sister @reyofsunshine had her thesis show last night and although I missed the show I snuck over on my break to squeeze her and see her absolutely beautiful portfolio booth. I 👀 filled with tears at everything she has done...everything we all have done together. Rebecca you are kind, talented, and so full of life anyone will be freaking lucky to have you on their team. I love you with all my ❤️ and I am so proud of you I could burst!!!
So many amazing moments that I will carry with me forever. So many hard moments when we all didn't think this time would come. But I am proud to say ladies WE HAVE MOTHER FUCKING DONE IT!!! And I couldn't be more proud to be graduating tomorrow with all of you!!! Cheers to the best AI sistas a girl could ever dream of having at her side...HERE'S TO US!!! 🤘🎉😝💪👍🙏❤️💞

🤣afternoon nappies #lovemycats #lovemyhusband

Such a great empowering girlzzzz night with all these amazing woman. Back or no back seeing "Wonder Woman" made me feel strong strong strong!!! Love you awesome ladies!!! @amoonduh wish you were there. #wonderwoman #badasswoman #loveofmylife #lovemyfriends #lovethemovies

Can I please just talk about how utterly cool my Paparuski is. Lol he has the biggest ❤️ and silliness personality that makes any ☀️ shine through the clouds. Love you soooooooooo much Pops. Thank you for being my dad. Early Happy Father's Day!!! Because I just counts wait 😏😘💋💞

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