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Saturdays are for nacho supply runs.

My personal holy grail has been found, finally. Kept missing restocks, or I'd be on a restock in time only to find they didn't have my size etc... but it all can be put to a well deserved rest. Cheers to @hanonshop across the pond!

Clutching to things so much greater than ourselves.

Editing photos of spring-like weather in a winter-bound month while hibernating from winter-like weather in a spring-bound month. Never change, Pittsburgh.

Refreshed my cycling footwear for the new year. Couldn't find a replacement pair of Puma speedcats in my size after searching high and low so I gave up and bought my first ever pair of Adidas. Do they make good shoes? I hope I like this brand....... 🤔🙄😎

"I'm going to find that blasted groundhog and have myself a word."

That thunderous apocalypse, just looming across and beyond the horizon. We can see it. We can feel it. We can almost taste the smoke and the acrid fire. Soon to be the shadows cast from the light to come. The bright to sum. The coagulation of forms we once were, to the breaking of shades along the shores of liquid beaches that surround the fiery , turbulent seas above us.

The myth that we’re drowning. The lie that we can’t survive. The brave dissent that this world is just too deep and simply too fathomous. We don’t belong here. We don’t deserve all of this. But me? This road is my seabed and the waves are the clouds that surround and hang heavy across the depth of the sky. This is where I thrive. This is where I breathe. Submerged and submersed. Baptized by the light of the sun as it refracts across where I’ve been and where I aim to be.

The yawn between the last few tendrils of chilling air and the radiating warmth to take its place. We can't seem to shake away this ice encrusted shroud- it's just a bit too heavy right now to shrug off. But the sun soon approaches, and with it, the pining for just a little less heat.

Behold, the official live recording of one of the greatest hardcore albums ever written. This isn't an argument. It's fact.

A week ago we were hitting the upper 70s- today we're getting snow and high velocity winds. The weather here in Pittsburgh is always so unpredictable, from one day and one week to the next. Appreciate the nicer days when they're here, because tomorrow could be the exact opposite. 🙃

Thrice as black.

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