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Mark 11:24™  Jesus first, everything else is secondary. •Altruistic Trendsetter •Introspective Writer/Poet •Conceptual Artist •Visual Journalist 🙏 R.I.P BUCK 🙏


Less is More.

Sometimes you gotta switch it up; give 'em both sides of the coin.👌🏽- Happy Mother's Day to all, God bless! #LatePost #Mark1124

The world says that as a man, you're not supposed to cry, it's weak to show your feelings and your emotions. I grew up numbing myself to everything that came my way, but I've come to realize that it never solves anything and in actuality, it takes more strength to let it out; to be vulnerable amongst others and show your pain; removing all bandages and exposing your wounds. A Real man sheds tears. A Real man is not afraid to be transparent. A Real man allows others to see his good with the bad.
Walking with Christ, He has made me whole and complete, secure enough to know that it's okay to cry because I know my God is bottling my every tear and replacing it with His peace, a peace that transcends ALL understanding. The crust and callous that engulfed my tear ducts are now removed. Jesus is in the business of healing hearts and He has def healed mine. I have most certainly been Transformed! Coming into this thing broken and coming out healed. God is the Doctor who has NEVER lost a patient. Run to Him, He's always there with open arms awaiting anyone who longs for an eternal satisfaction. True strength lies in Him. #ItsBeenAWhile #Humbled #Transformed #LivingForChristBecauseHeDiedForMe #Phil413 #Mark1124 🙏

She still can't believe how far I've come; both mind, body, and soul... #Conditioned #MyGmoms #80isTheNew20 #AppreciatingLife

Daily Devotions > #LetLOVELeadTheWay #Serenity

Meeting the new editions to the fam #Priceless #Tobago

It was all cotton just a week ago... #Creation

"If only controlling current was as simple as pushing a button..." #SeekChange #Brooklyn #Mark1124

Dig deep on this....

GOD belongs in my city... #NYC #iPhoneWorks #TimeLapse #Mark1124

The windows that peep souls... #GoldenOptics

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