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A clip of the finishing section of Raining Bats and Dogs (8c) on the send go.....be sure to put the sound on for some hilarious power squeals! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks to both Al Wilson and @digitaltrainingboards for capturing it!

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Raining Bats and Dogs (8c) ✅. After falling off the same move (pictured) high on the headwall eleven (!) times, I was beyond psyched to get through it and climb to the top yesterday! Sometimes you have to just keep turning up and trying hard and hoping one day you don’t fall off. All it needed was Haribo Strawbs, some high pitched power screams, a bit of luck and a lesson in patience!😊 Photo thanks to @johnthornton_photography
Thanks to @jamesalexanderturnbull for all the belays, @tanya_meredith for getting me hooked on Strawbs 🍓and everyone else for making Malham such a fun place to be 😘. Best part is I can stop resting as much now 🤪.
#celebratewild #brandofthebrave #arcteryx #malham #batsanddogs #patience #routes #climbing @arcteryx @fiveten_official @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns @organicclimbing

It’s important to remember our successes and not let them fade away too fast. Less than a month ago I was falling off the end off this route (Nordic Plumber). Time was running out and I was feeling the pressure to finish it off despite only just coming back from injury. During the last week I’ve been falling high on another route that I started trying only recently (funny how attachment happens so fast!)and I’m finding myself wanting to get that breakthrough again.... it’s amazing how quickly we often move on to the next challenge, forgetting the last one. Today I’m taking stock and feeling grateful that I get to try such amazing routes and that I’m properly injury free again 😊. Photo: @sharples.keith
#celebratewild #brandofthebrave #arcteryx #flatanger #climbflatanger #routes #goals #letgo @arcteryx @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @betaclimbingdesigns @dmm_wales

My next article with @rockandicemag is a bit of a tongue in cheek rant at anyone who still thinks 30 is old (I admit I used to think that too...). Have a read and let me know what you think! Link in profile 😊

Eventyblanding (7c) in Flatanger. Photo @esteban.ele.eme
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On my way home from Ladek Mountain Festival (@festiwalgorski )after a great weekend!
I was honoured to present a talk entitled “Dreaming Big” - talking about how rock climbing and the process of reaching for big goals can teach us so much (even if we never get there!) 😊

I also had the chance to discuss the activity and representation of women in the mountains with a panel of inspiring athletes as well as teaching some yoga for climbers!
Thank you to the organisers for such a fun and inspiring event and to the community for being so welcoming. 😊

@arcteryx @fiveten_official @dmm_wales @organicclimbing @betaclimbingdesigns #arcteryx #brandofthebrave #celebratewild #climbing #ladekzdroj #festwalgorski #ladekmountainfestival

The dreaded Nordic Plumber rail!! This rail gave me some good nightmares before the send go; the last crux on a super duper long route in the beautiful Hanshelleren Cave in Flatanger. I’ve written some musings on the whole experience in my blog, head to the link in my profile if you want to have a read 👍🏻 Photo thanks to @esteban.ele.eme
#celebratewild #brandofthebrave #climbing #arcteryx #climbflatanger #flatanger #hanshelleren #nordicplumber #redpointing @arcteryx @fiveten_official @dmm_wales @organicclimbing @betaclimbingdesigns

On my way home from Flatanger and I wanted to share a podcast I did recently with @trainingbeta . Trainingbeta is a brilliant venture founded by @neelyquinn that provides extensive information on all things climbing and training. If you haven’t checked out their website it’s well worth a look!

I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Neely recently where we delved into a number of things: * Training for climbing; looking at both strength and endurance.
* The role of basic conditioning for climbers.
* Stepping away from competition climbing.
* Overcoming fear by mental reconditioning. * Setting big goals.
* Nutrition for climbing.

Hope you find it interesting/enjoyable! Link in profile 😊

Photo is of Tetris (V12) in RMNP, thanks to @davidmason85
#climbing #celebratewild #brandofthebrave #arcteryx #trainingbeta #podcast @arcteryx @fiveten_official @dmm_wales @organicclimbing @betaclimbingdesigns

Nordic Plumber (8c). This one gave me a proper good fight with a high redpoint crux and the pressure of the end of the trip looming near. So psyched to finish it yesterday with one day to spare! 😊😊😊 Photo thanks to @johnherberderber 👍🏻 #celebratewild #brandofthebrave #climbing #climbflatanger #flatanger #arcteryx #fiveten @arcteryx @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns

This is the last section of Nordic Plumber (8c) in Flatanger. It’s an amazing route; a hard bouldery start, followed by an epic journey through the cave on incredible features with dynamic, interesting and three dimensional moves. It finishes with this slopey rail as the redpoint crux - the definition of a heartbreaker after having already climbed about 50m of steep granite to get there. I’ve fallen on the rail three times now (twice actually a little further than in this clip) and it’s teaching me a lot. Patience and the importance of letting go. I’ve only got a few days left and I might not be able to do it in that time and that has to be okay. It’s amazing how a climb can come to mean so much, how finishing something can seem so important in the bubble of a trip. It’s only rock climbing at the end of the day but it’s really hard to not care so much. I’m struggling to let go of the outcome on this one for some reason but I also know doing so is my best chance of enjoying the last few days and probably my best chance of sending too. After all, it’s supposed to be fun right?? Learning, learning, learning. 😊

Thanks to @edumarin1 for the video and @davidmason85 for one of his best pep talks yet 😘. #flatanger #climbing #climbflatanger #redpointing #lettinggo #arcteryx #brandofthebrave #celebratewild @arcteryx @fiveten_official @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns @organicclimbing

Touchdown! Yesterday was supposed to be my last day in Flatanger .... but I’ve fallen for the place: hook, line and sinker.
Travelling back to the UK for the wedding of @barrows_alex and @elskrussell 🎉 this weekend but then back to the cave for a little longer and some unfinished business! 💪🏻 Does prosecco drinking count as carb loading?! 😋🥂 Photo: @ben_pritchard
#brandofthebrave #arcteryx #flatanger #climbing #sportclimbing #hanshelleren #climbflatanger @arcteryx @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns

Rest days in Flatanger spent fishing for dinner with @davidmason85 . This photo was from last week when we had a successful haul and a yummy meal. There is something really nice about going out and catching your own food. Today I spent some lovely hours in the sun trying again...but didn’t manage to catch any fish this time! 🤷🏼‍♀️ #fishing #flatanger #mackerel #arcteryx #celebratewild #fishfood #fiveten #brandofthebrave @arcteryx @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns

Nordic Flower 🌸, first pitch (8b+) ✅
Over 100 moves of steep roof climbing, so satisfying! 😊

Photo thanks to @esteban.ele.eme
#flatanger #climbing #nordicflower #arcteryx #celebratewild @arcteryx @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @dmm_wales @betaclimbingdesigns

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