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Mileny 🌻  🌎 Brasil, 021 💚All lives matters 🐮🐷🐟🐥🐱🐕💚

🔙 "I'm more than grateful for the time we spent, my spirit's at ease..." Thanks for giving me Purpose @justinbieber and @bkstg 💚🇧🇷 #GetCloser
1 mês 😭 #PurposeTourRioDeJaneiro

Every single person that know me knows how much I love Justin since I was 11y. He has been part of many moments of my life without been exactly there. Was always a dream see him close to me and in cert point I made it. He was so close to me, I could look at him, at his eyes, he is so perfect... Today has been 1 week since the best day of 2017 and probably of my life and in these 7 days there wasn't 1 day that I dind't thought how blessed I was for this opotunity, how grateful I'm to be capable to see that man in front of me. Was literally like a dream were I was 100% awake and this dream couldn't be real without @Bkstg and Team Bieber. These 2 made march 29, 2017 one day that I'll never forget. I will be FOREVER thankful for this oportunity. I mean, I could write a lot of things but it will never describe my love and gratitude for my #PitUpgrade, bcc never in a thousand years I could pay for it... Thank you for being so nice to me, best team EVER! 💚💚
Ps: @justinbieber u didn't disappointed me even 0,05%, btw you are so much more than i ever thought... You made that night especial to us, with us. I'm gonna miss you so much, thanks for had teach me to Believe until I find my Purpose. Keep waiting for the day what I'll hug you, maybe in 2020? 😜🙈 see ya!

Shine bright, manas ✨


Imagens reais das meninas que sobreviveram ao ano de 2016 (ainda sem saber como)


Tem muita gente no fundo dessa foto o que está me dando um certo nervosinho mas o que importa é que estamos lindas e estamos gêmeas 👭❤✨

a little less JUDGMENT... a little more KINDNESS


Life is innovation and repetition

Fazendo a fina mas a água tava suja

#tb 🤗

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