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mimi  a dad Mid-pen 2020 The kids always say yeehaw but they never say hawyee

please good lord of the sewer may i be edgy

His name is Guillermo

You absolute fucking queen, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Miss you tons!!!! Also when you come back I will physically fight you with hugs and love!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fuckin nerds

Y’all I did it!!!!!! First time playing with a band for real, and in general. If you squint you can see me on guitar in the back but god I had so much fun thank you so much 4th period music you’ve made me feel so welcome

Good lighting and good memes

guess what nerds I moved schools yeet yoot

@ everyone I have ever interacted with and even those I haven’t

Farewell to a life changing show. No matter what everyone is saying about S8 I have loved Voltron every step of the way, and every choice that was made was an amazing one.
Thank you Pidge, for teaching me that I need no labels on my gender in order to kick ass.

Thank you Shiro for showing me I can keep fighting through anything.
Thank you Lance for showing that feelings are not a weakness.
Thank you Keith for helping me realize I don’t have to be just one thing.
Thank you Hunk for convincing me that my anxiety can be overcome.
And thank you Allura, for being the ultimate role model for me and my sisters.
It’s been an honor flying with you all.

My face when you don’t show up for Poem in Your Pocket this Friday!! On the quad at lunch, grab a poem and sign up for a raffle! Hosted by Writer’s Craft, your local poetry elves!
Me and my friends will be reading both existing and original poems. Make sure to show up and show out!
#poeminyourpocket #creativewriting2018 #comesupportmeplease

i am doin the absurdly emo on this shitty evening so I painted my nails black like the sewer child I am

I like mama’s jacket

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