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Hope you get to enjoy this Sunday with someone you love ❤️ #traildog #trailrunning #timetoplay

We're being snowed in. This is just perfect timing, first race is two weeks away😅. @utmarao


I’m a bit confused about international women’s day. In my mind, every single day is a women’s day… But I guess being Scandinavian puts me in a privileged enough position that I even get to think like this. So I choose to join the celebrations, because there is still a ton of equality work left to do in the world, small and big, here and everywhere.
I would like to thank my parents today, for forgetting to tell me I was not the strongest in the world and that there where things girls shouldn’t do. Thanks to them I grew up believing that no doors where closed for girls. I know, not entirely true… but sometimes ignorance is bliss and it has made me who I am. I run free, I run strong, I dream big. The world is not equal yet I know but at least my heart is free, I get to be me. I feel extra grateful for this today. Let the girls free and the world will follow. #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2019

March is here, can you smell the spring, we sure can! #traildog #timetoplay

The sun is shining, February has come to an end and its time to think spring thoughts. I have decided to start running now, feel right in this weather. Ask me tomorrow if it's still right, counting on a couple of weeks of pain and agony here 😅#moonvalleyme #earthplantfood

I've been submerged in work, pretty much only staring at a screen for days. Today I finally crawled out of the dungeon to greet the spring like sun. The joy! Screens, so terrible, on the eyes, body, skin and mind... Got the work done, satisfying, but really, all these screens, nuts! Enzo agrees that too much screen time is shit. His idea of a great day is just staying outside until the the sun sets and then go to sleep. Word buddy.

Always by my side, together we roam the lands. It is my favorite thing to do, Enzos too. Maybe this is how humans and wolf's connected once. Or they just started hanging out with us for the free food...

Dog owners, the ones with the head torches nodding at each other in the dark... Sure, we might be grumpy sipping our coffee inside in the warmth, glaring at our fury friend impatiently waiting at the door. But as soon as we get out it feels good. Every time. And our enthusiastic buddies are always there to remind us, outside is awesome. ❤️🐶

❤️ my two favorite beings

It's time to start thinking about races... Plans? Mine are still a bit loose but I will be at Madeira in April for @miutmadeira, then I think @lavaredoultratrail and @utmbmontblanc 🤗🤪 the way I choose races are from a looonnngggg bucket list, and then squize in the ones that fit. Some races touches my soul and I want to return, like miut and marathon mont blanc 90k (but I take a break from my favourite race this year to discover the Dolomites, A bientôt @marathondumontblanc 😘) 📷👌@davidgonthier

On winter running, its just so slow but there's something beutiful about that. Those heavy legs are going to become lighter as spring comes. I like the difference in training between the seasons and just keep slugging it out, enjoying being outside moving in the cold. Winter is awesome ❤️#timetoplay

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