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❁ᎷanᎴᎩ❁  Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ✥Einstein✥ Ᏼorn on date--June 2nd, 2011 Ꮐallery Open➻➻➻➻


Ꮋappy Ꮇother's Ꭰay❣

Late night visitor. Went to take Gwynnie out around 2 am one night and was surprised to find this big guy sitting on my squirrel feeder 2 feet from my face😩Scared me at first, but then I realized how chill and camera friendly he was, so we had a little photo shoot😬

Ꭺ ᏡᎾᏡᏡᎩ for your thoughts...😬

Meet Gwynnie. The newest furry addition to our family. This photo was taken last November when she was just a wee baby, barely 2 lbs☺️She is almost 8 months old now. And she is our crazy, energetic, funny baby girl💖It's almost impossible to get a good photo of her because she's constantly moving😩

Hitchin' a ride😉Hola IG!

It is with a heavy, broken heart I post this to let you all know we lost our sweet boy yesterday afternoon. He was diagnosed with cancer a little over a month ago, and he underwent two surgeries on Sept. 18th, sadly he was never able to fully recover. We tried everything. I've been by his side caring for him for these past 5 weeks, but a few days ago I realized I was only keeping him here for my own selfish reasons. He could barely walk. He had almost completely lost the use of his hind legs. And he was eating less and less. So we decided to help him go peacefully to the place where he is cancer free and back to the funny, sweet free spirited dog we've always loved so much. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but he went peacefully in my arms as I whispered to him what he has meant to our family and how special and loved he was and will continue to be. Tedward truly was heaven sent. He has gotten me through many hard times and things will be forever changed in our family without him. He was our Heart dog and we miss him so very much. Rest in peace little furry angel😢🐻❤️

Ꮐood Ꮇorning! Female Pipevine Swallowtail enjoying the Texas Sage💜

Ꮋappy Ꮈlyday!! Not sure what this tiny fly is. The closest thing I can find is a yellow swarming fly or maybe some type of fruit fly. I love it's purple eyes and yellow accents✨💜💜✨

⁑ Dedication ⁑ This beauty weaves her web every night by my back door. I didn't edit any colors in this shot, don't know why the flash made part of the web purple😳Maybe it's a magical purple web weaving spidey😲I wish I could have fit the whole web in the square full size. Wishing you all a great new week ahead💜

Friday night cheers✨🍹

I believe this is a male wasp mimic hoverfly-Meromacrus acutus. Found him chilling on the curtains in the bedroom of the lakehouse when we first got there. I took a few pics then set him free outside. I've never seen this type before. He was quite beautiful. Happy #_flyday_ !! ✨🐝

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