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Mérille Amourette Duperrier  🇨🇲🇬🇦 🇸🇩🇪🇬 📍 GVA 🇨🇭 GVA / Milan / LA: February Barcelona: 13-19.03 Madrid:19-23.03 Köln & area: 24-28.03 Booking DM/Mail

Life is a matter of choices, be consumed or consume it. I recently chose for this new year to consume it and for sure I will never apologize anymore for being happy.
By growing up as in 3 weeks I will turn 24 I understood that sometimes you love people but they are unhealthy to you and love is not always enough. I’m sad I had to split with many people give up on love but if it is not for your best you better move on turn the page and close the book to be able to read a next one.

I wish you all a good day. Those selfies were taken in Koh Pha-ngan in Thailand. It was such an amazing place to be and to relax.

No body retouch for jealous people I train every day and have strict diet.


@sebazpictures I had a beautiful time in Majorca here are some of the first pictures.
Many people ask me what do I do for my body skin, truth I try to eat healthy and I do some daily exercises on the bed or on a sport carpet and I also model. I’m entirely natural my boobs are not fake and I have good genes from beginning as many dark skin people. I could help you for a diet or finding right exercises for your body do not hesitate to ask I don’t bite. Yes I don’t like to always shave so sometimes I keep my armpit hair I am this kind of natural looking person. I don’t like too much stuffs unless wigs and lipstick to shoot but I’m mostly without make up so it helps for skin too.

Hope that you all begin this new year wonderfully, I did. ❤️👌🏾🎈😁 #majorca#spain#ebony#mimidesuka#topless#bikiny#model#hot#wearethepeoplemag

Chilling with Kerry Bellerose. Home time, natural is probably the best outfit I like to wear. Edited by me. ❤️@kerry_bellerose

@creactivphoto we really had fun and I love cats for sure ❤️❤️😁 @creactivphoto one of the funniest guy to work with , always crazy, funny, funky and cool results. Thank you Steph❤️ Je ne suis ni docile ni domptable tel une chatte. ❤️


@flashnmodels I need some time for reflections, I need to see the light. Maybe I already found a first step to reach my goal but I still have lots of mysteries to resolve before I finally start seeing the light.

@schnyder.christoph ❤️ He always let me try all the awkward positions I have in mind and most of the times it works. Thank you. ❤️

Don’t play with my nerves. I’m extremely too nice but when you cross my border I kill. When I say no or stop you better follow. Finally my heart belongs to my own self and I don’t care about you, I was always alone in tough moment and it won’t change you’re all there for fun and there’s no problem but let stop acting like we fancy each other’s. I don’t. People call me a bitch I call it honesty. If I don’t like you I don’t even answer and finally I understand living in European countries you will never accept me and I will never like you back 😅. Don’t worry feelings are shared. From today i will follow my taste not what you like, you bored me guys and finally you’re annoying as hell. So guys let’s keep pretending until you give me a good reason to let myself go and ruin you. Too much pretending. Sweet dreams. Devils besides me.❤️ Jesper Vig

Could you believe that picture was taken almost in end autumn in Denmark? It means that it was around 14c. Degrees, it was extremely windy I was on a cold boat laying down in water. I’m sure you would not think that when you watch the picture but yes it is a real work to be model. You always have to push further your limits as your bodie’s. But I would have done it again even if somebody told me as it also made me stronger. The last picture of the serie, the water one’s were in this same day so the water was even colder and I thought I would die during the break 🤣🥶 I was running over trying to get warm and I almost gave up. But impossible is surely not cameroonian so I had to do it for my own challenge. @thomasagatz was even cold for me and he said he would never have done it and he doesn’t know many models who would have done it. Thank you dear for giving me an opportunity to push my limits, I am extremely proud of myself and finally the result is fantastic.
Photographer: @thomasagatz


Feeling comfy and sexy in my pantie from @trueox in Bucharest sunrise.

Photography taken by talented @marinrichard1 edited by me.


Innocent old moment talking with my friend @youlook.ch.

Parfois notre monde s’écroule et on a pas envie de faire face c’est alors qu’on ferme les yeux espérant oublier, fuir. Pensant que nous tomberons dans les abîmes alors qu’une fois nos yeux ouvert, la réalité nous rattrape.


Could I ask you something? May I ? Many of you judge me for being a model and doing nude but to be honest I have more brain than you judging me. Why would I work in a boring everyday job for less money and to be given orders? Now i ask you how many of you are happy? I actually live a more risky, unknown and free life but I guess life shouldn’t be all planned and for the first time in my life I feel happy. So I ask you again, are you happy?
I hope you are, if not take risk, you only have one life, no matter what parents friends or whoever say it is your life and it should be your rules, your dreams, your attempts, your goals. Also by growing up I understood happiness means risk so don’t hesitate to change all until you wake up with real smile.
I have never been that happy in my life and job even thought sometimes it is hard I will not go back.
@marinrichard1 and I had fun time shooting in Romanian rain. ❤️ this is a preview of amazing set with that young talented guy. Thanks to Radu for assisting us. ❤️🙏🤣 Photographer: @marinrichard1
Edit: me

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