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Arwin S  Hello #msjnation. My name is Arwin S and I shoot stuff on Youtube. lol Go watch, NOW =)

Thats a huuge.... patch πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚ #msjnation #airsoftinternational #airsoft

Causing mischief and messing with the awesome @ricochettactical staff. Its Nerf! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ #airsoft #msjnation #airsoftinternational #nerfthis #nerfthis

Solid first day at @ricochettactical! Met some of the regulars and even participated in some 1v1 Nerf competition! Ill be back here tomorrow. #airsoft #msjnation #airsoftinternational

A pretty innovative lighting system for different gametypes. One side if the switch is blue and other side yellow. They have three of these for a king of the hill or domination games. Mades for an interesting and fast gameplay. #msjnation #airsoft

@tristanartandairsoft showing off his distraction device made from some motion detect LEDs and a thunder B shell.

@mgonzalez_aguero says you got to catch em' all! #msjnation #pokemon #airsoft

Im here at the gear spot! #msjnation

Long Island, New York I am here to enjoy to airsoft at @ricochettactical. Today, is going to be a good day #msjnation

How many of you guys remember these? Someone found an bag of biovals in their gear bag. Comment below if you remember them? #msjnation

Thank you WNY and @buffalobattleground for all the hospitality. See you all at the 4yr!!! #msjnation

Wait, wahh??!! #MSJNATION

@buffalobattleground congrats on your three year anniversary! Huge raffle! #bbgairsoft

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