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Zippa Foreva💙  🌴 Follow: @ambitiousbeauty_

I could never be too buddy buddy. Keep the Mc hammer they can’t touch me.🦂

I’m disgusted...


I’ll do anything to see that smile.♥️

The realist love I’ve ever encountered in my life.. My grandma and papa.♥️ I want that real love dark skinned aunt Viv love that Katherine and that James love that leave a toothbrush at your crib love you ain’t gotta worry rather that’s your kid love! Nearly 70 years of loyalty!♥️

🥶🥶🥶🥶 I’m freezing!🦂

Let me be the square I’m trying to be in peace! #repost

Zipper what I call the bitch. She stay around my dick tip.👸🏾🦂

I can’t let no broke shit phase me. I can make a rich bitch pay me. 👸🏾💰🦂

Yeah I’m “lil” for now.🖤🦂


Happy Thanksgiving 🤣

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