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Milly ♡  ✖️Melbourne 🇬🇷🇦🇺 ✖️Type 1 Diabetic 📟 ✖️Pumpin' insulin & weights 🏋🏽‍♀️ ✖️Booty building 🍑 ✖️Adventureologist🕵🏼‍♀️

Don’t mind me, what about old mate in the corner having a peep 😂👌🏻on another note - I’m pretty damn excited to soak up Melbourne’s 30 degree heat today 🤤🤤 Happy Fridayyyyy indeed 💃🏻 #allthevitamind

Yesterday was TYT (treat yourself Thursday) spent the day relaxing at the @peninsulahotsprings was definitely needed 🙌🏻 #warningabouttogetdeep 🙃 the past couple of weeks I have been suffering badly with pitting Edema and uncomfortable, debilitating bloating. Trying to find out what foods/things are triggering me is a challenge but the biggest challenge of all is looking in the mirror and pushing through your body image fluctuations and reassuring yourself that the person you see in the mirror is only temporary. No one is perfect and the only journey and progress we should focus on is our own. It’s hard to not get caught up with comparing ourselves to other people on Instagram and life in general. So in saying that my focus is not only improving myself physically but emotionally to and learning self love 💜 self love is a #1 priority to feeling great - no matter what you look like, if you don’t feel amazing on the inside you will see a different person in the mirror. Positive mind = positive life - Happy Friday ✌🏽😘

So on the weekend I decided to ditch my gym clothes and bikini and be the 💃🏻 emoji for a couple of hours 🍸

Happy hump day ✌🏽 Spent my night freezing some fat cells at @auskinclinicschadstone with cryotherapy 🙈 pretty excited to see what results I get from this on my troubled areas. Sometimes we just have fatty pockets that just don’t want to budge and for me, injecting insulin definitely doesn’t help the situation either 😒 If you have been wanting to get this treatment done and live in Melbourne head down and see the lovely ladies at @auskinclinicschadstone chadstone 💜 you can also receive a $400 discount on your treatment if you mention my name ✌🏽 this offer is absolutely amazing and won’t last long so get amongst it 😘

Been fighting off a chest infection the past few days but today I smashed a shoulder and cardio session all before 7am... yes.... the power of a braid just call me Lara #laracroftcandoanything #tombraider

Little throw back to Christmas break - 10kg heavier, pancreas attached to my hip, soaking in those qld rays ☀️ the kg’s and insulin pump can stay a thing in the past but wouldn’t mind that sunshine in Melbourne right about now #agirlneedsatan

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️✌🏽😙

Been disabled with diabetic ketoacidosis the last couple of days so now I wear gym clothes to make myself feel like I’ve trained 😒 #onlyliftingivebeendoingisaforktomymouth #lifeofadiabetic

Happy Mondayzzzzz ✌🏽#notwearingabikiniorgymclotheshowbizarre

Can’t even tell you how good this beach Day was without a insulin pump 🤩 seriously never thought I would go back to injections but I am loving life even more now 🙌🏻 definitely prefer being a human pin cushion with a bruised belly over my little insulin pump attachment RN🙃💉 Ima happy girlllll 💁🏾‍♀️☀️💜

Happy Strayaaaaa day 🇦🇺 a couple of days ago my insulin pump broke which forced me to go back to using manual injections after 6 years. I actually feel like a free women without my little pancreas attached to my bum 24/7 it’s the little things that I can do now that would mean nothing to a non diabetic but the world to me. 3 positives for injections today tho are ... 1. Going to the beach for Australia Day festivities and not having to worry about clipping or tucking my pump somewhere into my bikinis 🤩 2. getting a even tan with no pump site tan lines on my bum ! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 3. Being able to coat myself in tanning oil without the fear of my site sliding off 🙌🏻🙆🏽‍♀️💕💉 #diabeticlife #fuckyeah

Thank you Melbourne for contributing to my tan gains in this 42 degree heatwave today 🤙🏿👩🏿 #newtanwhodis

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