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CHIMP BOY  Getting Stong training for my first 100 mile ultra on October 13th (and leading ustwo)

So much respect for Dr. (Hon) Wong Siew Te, who founded the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in 2008 with his own money and hard work and is the drive behind the project. @lisamiller and I sat and listened with open ears as his passion for why he works on the front line of Sun bear conservation poured from his heart and mind. When I hear passion, dedication and unbelievable grit and determination to continually raise money and awareness to educate and save endangered animals I can’t help but be humbled and happy knowing incredible people exist on our planet. Just wanted to say thanks and highlight the incredible work he does. #sunbearconservationcentre

This place is double madness... wild Orangs just come and Go as they please - everyone was rushed away down a small path as the bad boy decided to walk the plank but naturally @lisamiller decided to hang back and film.

Yoga and Zuu training every morning and evening in order to truly find my inner monkey. Within a few minutes of the first session I get disturbed by noises coming from my rooftop. On further inspection it’s only my long lost brother! He could clearly sense the connection I was emitting. #brother2brother

And breathe...

✋ 🐵 (ape)

Zuu Frog Squat day 2. All about learning new behaviours. Regressing to progress. My form right now is bad (heels kicking up and back not straight when squatting) but over the next weeks I’ll unlock the true inner monkey.

🐵 I found my inner monkey.

This weekend was a wonderful wake up. Many imagine, but few execute. Going forward I have my ultra running to clear my mind and build endurance, swimming to totally tone and learn to breathe properly, Zuu and Yoga for moment and flexibility, my HIIT for Power cardio, and now after 40 years of having absolutely no fighting ability whatsoever I’m going to actually put the effort in to beast mode myself over the next year and learn to box. It’s all about the total package of power! The question is can I turn from chinchilla to gorilla...

Did 20 mins of boxing 🥊- first time I’ve ever done it. Almost ready for my first fight!!! (Took down another session - this time focused on rope, bosu ball, boxing, rope climbs, barbell press, rope pull ups, pad work and bag work and monkey magic!!) it’s time to get fit

Introducing MONKEY BOY 🐒- my new morning ritual incorporating @zuufitness - frog squats, gorill, bear crawls, half Hindus, kicks sits and rock press - it’s time for me to unlock my inner flexible monkey.

My first CROSSFIT MINI GAMES championship! 🥇 🥈 🥉 with @sionrichards123 ~ unbelievably hard ~ each interval took on average 6 minuites and was repeated 4 times (1 minute rest in between) amazing!! 24 mins

This morning practice has been about intentional rock climbing 🧗‍♂️ ~ I focused on slow calculated movement up the sheer rock face (floor), keeping low as I could go, knees and elbows off the ground. Mindset was on not falling and creating a complete lock of my whole body with each rock face hold... wonderful way to start the day (now off to Bicrum yoga before work / passion)

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