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Millionaire Life πŸ’°  Montreal/NYC/Toronto based luxury blogger πŸ’° Showcasing the finest cars, homes, and destinations.

Adorable puppy! 🐢 Tag someone that would want him!!

Amazing modern mansion in black and white! What do you think? Would you live here??

Spring in New York City's Central Park 😍 Tag someone you want to go with! By @marcodegennarophotos

Modern mansion 😍 What do you think, would you live here? Share your thoughts below!

Taking the bike out for a ride! 😈 Tag a friend that wants to try riding a motorcycle!

Modern mansion with an Audi R8 in the driveway πŸ™Œ Cool house or no? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Beautiful New York City by @craigsbeds

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment @goodlife

Crazy house concept!! 😱 Would you live here? Tag a friend that's scared of heights!

Stealthy Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe in military green 😱 What do you think? By @rdbmano

Beautiful home 😍 Can you imagine living here?? Tag a friend that needs a mansion like this! By @mario_adornetto

If you had $17 million @dollars for 24 hours, what would you do with it in this time? πŸ™Š Tag a friend and comment below!

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