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Millionaire Rally Event Group  ⠀⠀ Host of: - #MillionaireRally - #SalonPrive - #PrestigeNorth - #12hrsOf------ - #CarsAndCasualties ⠀Next event: Millionaire Rally

Stunning shot of the @teamsavage.gta and @tmt_gta lineup at La Spada. #MillionareRally2017

Endless supercars 😍 #MILLIONAIRERALLY2017

Cba editing, heres a stop #MILLIONAIRERALLY2017

For what it's worth 😎 #MillionaireRally2017

The biggest event of the year is back! It will be even better then last year!
The Millionaire Rally 2017 edition!
We start the rally in Los Santos with a number of teams, 3 persons each so that there will be more teams. All teams are different from each other by using special wraps (and outfits). From Los Santos we will go to other places around the island. We haven't picked a date yet so that teams can prepare themselves for the biggest event of the year. It will take place at the end of this month or the beginning of the next.
XB1 edition will be hosted by @martijn.vb.
PS4 edition by @lordbruqs.
Millionaire Rally is a unique event by Millionaire Rally Events Group.

Thanks everyone for an amazing event 🎉 #12hrsofclassics

Topless stingers are the best stingers 😍😍 #12hrsofclassics

The Finale at the golf course! 🎉 #12hrsofclassics

pictures of the finale will be coming tomorrow! meanwhile enjoy these pictures of the #12hrsofclassics! "Thanks everyone for an amazing day and great event, definitely doing this again in the future!" - @martijn.vb

Our skittles > @skittles #12hrsofclassics

2 of the nicest GP1's there are, A Vulcano Orange HDK and an Orange LM 👍😍 #12hrsofclassics

The 40 Million Grotti 🙊😍😍😍😍 #12hrsofclassics

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