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Millie | Lottie  Go from farm to table w/Market&Picnic Totes™️ by cook+mom Jan Hammock.Ethically+Sustainably made ✨Cutting board ✨Wipeable lining ✨Wine-strap ✨GIVEBACK

“I am so loving my tote and have gifted two others in the past and function co-existing while supporting strong women and entrepreneurship in the context of sharing a meal. BOOM! What a powerful and practical partnership!” - Millie | Lottie repeat client (unsolicited testimonial)
This is my third order of several totes headed out to this client. Gratitude for the support and pleased as pie more recipients will be carrying and sharing good food. .
#womensupportingwomen #mompreneur #carryingandsharingfood

STAY TUNED Never short on new ideas but short on patience sometimes. It can take me up to 8-10 months to introduce a new color in to production or to add a new item to my line. This Spring we are expanding a bit and reintroducing some well-loved items. I go in to a bit of a hibernation while in design development. Thank you for your patience! .
Meanwhile, still filling orders. Some item stock is running low while I pause for big production the middle of February. You may always pre-order! Also write me to check if there is possibility of getting sooner. At the moment, I have everything. .
Off to fill 6 big orders!
#millielottietotes .

Every Day Family Heirlooms. Woke up today wanting to make homemade pizza for supper, trying a new favorite, Soppressata with Spicy Honey. My go-to pizza dough recipe is from @deborahmadison Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, though I don’t make it as much as I used to. Life is busy and we get such great homemade dough at @canyonmarket + @biritesf ! I whipped up the dough and as I was moving the book, I saw the page was marked with a little sheet of paper with my mom’s handwriting, which gave me pause, filled with gratitude and a tinge of sadness. It was the note she sent us when Eva was 6 months old with the silver spoon for her first solid food. The spoon was my dad’s and sadly made it in to the garbage disposal at some point in our busy family days. All the same, I can’t quite part with it (sorry @mariekondo) The final photo is the dough making it’s first rise in the warm morning sun inside my grandmother’s bread bowl, where she made Parker House rolls every day for supper. I doubt Fanny Alice ever tasted pizza in her life. Love these moments of past and present mixed.

Love this photo of Martin Luther King Jr as a child. For years my children’s elementary school celebrated this holiday by inviting MLK’s childhood neighbor’s daughter in to tell stories. Nothing like a good story teller to bring someone to life and remind us that great people come from ordinary circumstances. I just asked my son if he remembered any of the stories and evidently Martin did not like taking piano lessons. He took it upon himself to unscrew the legs of the stool, tumbling the teacher to the ground. Parents, let’s remember this as we make our way through raising our children.

Dreamy mood | Stay-in, go/out, whichever you choose, Happy Sunday.

Turkish Coffee | I have fond memories of drinking this when my babies were babies, visiting with my friends who grew up in Israel. The dad would make it for me. It felt exotic and provided a civilized break from the stress of parenting two small babies. I got a lesson on how to prepare a cup, then it was about about the ritual for me So many people received an Ibrik (the coffee pot) and Arabaca (Turkish coffee) as a gift that year. I picked up some coffee when I was at Samiramis Imports this week, the love-affair continues. I am adding videos of the process to my stories. .
Here is the how-to: .
✨Add a cup of water and a spoonful of sugar for the Ibrik
✨Bring to a boil slowly
✨Remove from heat
✨Add a tea or tablespoon of Arabaca grounds
✨Return to the heat
✨The grounds will bubble/froth up to the lip of the pot
✨Remove from heat while still frothing, pour in cup ✨Rest for a few minutes to allow the grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup

Traditionally the coffee is never served with milk. I like it this this way but I also add steamed almond milk when the mood strikes.
. .
It is also about sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. During the dark winter, invite a friend over to share a cup. Cheers.

Tonight is Buddha Bowl dinner, featuring:
@rancho_gordo beans cooked in the instant pot
✨quick-pickled carrots
✨Crispy roasted broccoli
✨Steamed beets ✨Raw kale salad
@seedandmill Tahini dressing
✨quinoa for me, basmati rice for the rest
✨will also out the odds and ends of condiments: pickled carrots, capers, anchovy, roasted peppers. How many jars can I rid from fridge tonight? 🙏🏽🙏🏽
📷This bowl was from a collaboration last year with @kalikscollective . Amos can attest, Allison makes a fantastic Buddha Bowl!

Living in to these reminders of what it means to be human these days. We all have our own story. I am leaning in to my people and taking it all in. Community is where it’s happening.

Rainy new year here in Northern California. I have seen images of snow on the East Coast. Sometimes a glance back to that day in Bolinas with friends adds a little je ne sais quoi to my evening. Happy Monday.

Thank you for this post! Lisa has sown in stock now @briarshopbelmont .
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@millielottietotes all loaded up with fresh finds from the market. We have these beautiful bags in our shop DM us for info. Happy Sunday 💕
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Enough said right here...thank you @ediblesf . (Check our my stories to see his dramatic entrance in to the market with tote!)
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Maiden voyage to the farmers market with our new @millielottietotes bag. Pretty much the best bag ever for loading up on fresh produce at the market. Comes with a cutting board that also flattens out the bottom of the bag, which really opens it up to let you fill in all your goods without them getting squished. 👌 And long leather handles loop over your shoulder for easy carrying. 💪 #farmersmarket #marketbag #fennel #satsumamandarin #watermelonradish #broccoli
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