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Lindsey Millikan

Added more detail to this one, but now it's time to run to cook the Kobe Corned Beef roast for tonight!

Creeping along on this new one. Will take a better photo soon! It's about 6ft long for scale.

Still plugging away and problem solving on this one.

So grateful to get in few hours at the studio after work today. A close-up of a current commission in progress.

New commission coming along.

New commission coming along.

Back to this one again while another one prepped and drying. This massive thing gave me a mini heart attack when it fell and smashed my glass palette into smithereens earlier. What a mess! Of course, the redwood is still completely flawless. Hardy stuff!

Decided to repurpose an old crappy cloudscape painting and use it as the background for something new.

A recently found and reframed Lindsey Millikan original watercolor circa 1999. Soooooo Texan.

This one is all ready after days of sanding and ready for a wave.

And a little farther along...#NoDAPL

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