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Tricia Thompson  🏠 Sonoma County “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure”

Surrounded by some of the raddest chicks in town ♥️ #AndWine #goingGilster

Came home from vacation to some of the best mail ever! Now I get to unwind with a face mask 😍

Had so much fun celebrating my nephews 2nd birthday this weekend ♥️😘😍💕

I just can’t get over how beautiful #sonomacounty is. I feel so lucky to call this place Home and to have so many opportunities to connect with the outdoors. Since my miscarriage last month I have really relied on walking to give me some quiet time and some lite physical activity. Finding positivity ♥️

Not five minutes into our hike yesterday Finn decided he’d had enough of our nonsense. About five min later we decided froyo was a better choice.

Had a great day reconnecting with our surroundings. #SonomaCountyParks #TrailsChalleng #church #nature #sonomacounty

I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage. I am grieving. I am trying not to be ashamed of these things. 🌸🌸🌸
In April when Alex and I found out we were going to parents, after what felt like a long journey to pregnancy, we were so thrilled. We found out early, I was only 4 weeks along.
We planned to keep this completely to ourselves for for the first 3 months but the excitement took over and we started telling people right away.
By 8-10 weeks pregnant I had planned our public announcement, we had told a few of our close friends and our family members were in the know. We had seen our baby’s picture and watched their heart beat. Our lives were so different and we were so excited.
I woke up one morning feeling like something wasn’t quite right, I tried not to panic and I called my nurse. She could hear me struggling to communicate with her and she told me to come in, if only for piece of mind. 🌸🌸🌸
That day and the month that has followed have blurred into tiny fragmented memories of loosing our baby and the future we had envisioned so clearly for the three of us.
I have kept my grief pretty private. More private than I kept my pregnancy. I don’t want to be ashamed of my situation, my loss, or myself. Keeping this secret is too hard and while talking about it publicly isn’t something I ever thought I’d do I think sharing my “1 in 4” story will help me feel less like I’m hiding a secret and maybe someone who is going through something similar will see this and not feel so painfully alone. 🌸🌸🌸

BBQ in Calistoga, wine and estate sale in St. Helena, @heritageeats and hand bells in Napa. All with my most amazing husband ♥️ I missed him so much 😩

I couldn’t help myself! #bustarut #selfcarewithshoes

You’re all I never knew I needed 💕 @yeti #besthusbandever

Is it still a healthy choice if I cover it in ranch? #selfcare

Spent yesterday harassing my nephew like his own personal paparazzo ♥️

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