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Milla The Cat  [Mee-luh] Scottish Fold • Pop Culture Kitty • Heart Disease Survivor • Thx for the likes, comments and follows! • 📧

What am I doing? Napping... so please come back later to make the bed Dad! Thanks 😽💤 #DoNotDisturb #MillaTheCat

Milla just got back from her 6 month check in with her cardiologist today and we couldn’t have asked for better news. 🙏🏼 As you know, Milla has dealt with severe heart disease since she was a kitten. It’s been a tough battle and a long road to recovery, but the fact that she’s progressively healing from such severe CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) is a miracle in itself. Today we were told her left atrial wall of her heart is back to what it should be for a normal cat. Heart disease reverse remodeling back to normalcy is very uncommon. YAY No.1! 😸We also were told she can be taken off her Plavix medicine, which she HATES taking every morning. YAY No.2! 😽They also lowered her dosage of furosemide to once a day along with just one dose of benazepril. YAY No.3!😺 She also can eat normal... but still heathy... kitty food! YAY No.4! 😻 We walked away with aMEOWzing news and knowing that Milla is a much healthier kitty with a positive outlook on a longer life AND not having to be heavily medicated daily. Thank you to all her followers who constantly ask and check-in on Milla. We’ve always appreciated you all so much for your kind words, generosity, donations and overall concern for our little girl. And big thank you to @accessanimalhospitals for all they have done for us throughout the years with Milla.❤️ #MillaTheCat

Cats out of the bag 💼😺💼 #MillatheCat #Caturday

Giving you SEARS PORTRAITS circa 1984’ #nostalgia #tbt #MillaTheCat 📸😹

Stop it Dad! Must... catch... flying... rubber ball... with... tassels! 😻👀😻 #MillaTheCat #NeverGiveUp #FridayFun

I’ve got HUNGRY 👀 , a CURIOUS mind, but a LAZY body that prevents me from doing anything about it! #TBT 😹🤣😹 #millathecat #hungryeyes

😸In my happy place😺 #MillaTheCat

#FBF This time last year I had a second episode of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). It was just as tough as the first time, but I made it through against all odds. I’m a surviFURR and encourage all my fur friend owners to take a moment and look into signs of CHF. I was only two years old when diagnosed. Knowing the signs and getting treated can save lives. Check the link in my bio for simple signs and symptoms of CHF and if you should get your cat examined for heart issues. 🐾 #MillaTheCat #heartdiseasesurvivor

Pucker up! 💋 #millathecat #tbt

🔊Another sleepless Sunday afternoon because my little sister won’t keep her trap shut. 😾 Alexa... play tranquil koi pond playlist and order a muzzle on Amazon for @winonacat! Thx #MillaTheCat 🐾

Can I have another treat Dad?! PWEASE! #millathecat 🍣👀

Sunday Selfié of my new Cat Shelfié by @catastrophicreations ! 😹😻 They made me a one of a kind Cat Wall just for ME! Check them out... they will make the PURRfect cat wall for your felines to fit your style and space of any size! 🐾 #millathecat #CatWall #catastrophicreations

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