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Milla Jovovich  Get ready for Hellboy 2019 and Monster Hunter 2020! Check out Origin link below!

What an extraordinary evening at the @fencing_fie gala last night! The performances were unforgettable and what a true honor to meet some of the young, rising stars of the Olympic fencing world! More pics to come! 🤺🥇🏆#olympics #fencing #parisdiary

From the dirt, mud and rain to... Paris! I’m attending the @fencing_fie gala which I, as an avid sword enthusiast am so excited to experience and I also get to shop at my favorite @miumiu!!! Thank you @veesback for always making sure this bloody super hero can look like a lady! If you have keen eyes, you’ll notice I’m wearing an original scarf by @chrissbrenner, who’s been making the most amazing fabric designs that I’m dying over (you can’t tell, but this one has a pic of @ambervalletta from a @versace show on it, so effin rad). So happy to have a fun, adult night out with my fabulous gusband!😘 #fencing #miumiu #parisdiary

Are you kidding me? These faces? They’re killing me. Sometimes I stop everything I’m doing and just savor the present moment. Being a parent is challenging. I have the best intentions. But between sleepless nights and work, between worries and doubts, my patience gets frayed. I get weighed down by “working mom” guilt and before I know it, I’m the “serious” parent all the time. At times like these I try to become hyper aware of the present. Of understanding that no matter how much we try to “do the right thing”, most of the time the right thing is just being silly and making sure everyone has a great big laugh. When my kids get asked later in life what kind of mom they had, I truly do want them to say “a fun mom”. So it’s my goal to have at least one big laugh with my kids every single day. No matter what. #laugheveryday #familygoals #creatingmemories #growingkidsgrowingfood #capetowndiary

It’s the WEEKEND!!! My two favorite people showing me how to get the party started.😆😆😆 #evergabo #dashieledan #growingkidsgrowingfood #capetowndiary

I want to pay respect to the family of Jemel Roberson, who should be a national hero today, but is being buried instead. A father to Tristan, with another baby on the way, he was devoted to his family. On November 11 a gunman started shooting in Manny’s bar and Jemel, a security guard who wanted to become a police officer, selflessly and bravely stopped the shooter and pinned him to the ground. When police arrived, one of the officers shot and killed Jemel, assuming he was the gunman. Witnesses say Jemel wasn’t given a chance to put down his weapon before he was shot. Take a moment to hashtag #jemelroberson And send respect to his family on this sad day that they are putting him in the ground.
Here are some words from @leemerrittesq about this extraordinary man:
#jemelroberson is a National Hero. We can’t reiterate that enough. He died working extra shifts to provide for Tristan and the baby on the way. He died saving lives. He was a provider and protector. South side Chicago is a difficult place to be raised in and stay out of trouble. Jemel excelled in this community as a musician and security professional. He never had a single blemish on his record. After single handed lay preventing a mass shooting, police arrived, mistook him for a bad guy and shot him to death. Today has been so difficult for this family and community. Jemel didn’t deserve this. But he does deserve justice. Now it’s fine to work for it. Rest In Peace Jemel. #rememberjemelroberson #rememberjemel

Happy Belated Birthday to one of the loveliest people I know @therealpeterlindbergh! Your joy and passion shed light on everyone around you and I’m so lucky to have shared that gorgeous energy all these years!❤️❤️❤️ oooops, I screenshot the last pic with the volume on the screen, sorry.😜

First still from the new #monsterhuntermovie!! More to come later! ⚔️😆

Going into Monday like...😘 It’s been a tough shoot on #monsterhuntermovie, gorgeous and brutal locations, injuries. Now we’ve picture wrapped some incredible artists and people I call friends @meagangood @troubleman31 @diego @iammcjin @josh_helman_official, you guys are so incredible and we miss you all so much. It’s hard to get back in the game and start a new chapter of this movie without you. But I tell you, having my family here with me makes everything perfect. Even when I come home exhausted and in pain, putting a smile on these faces is what I live for. So grateful that my mom came to visit and Paul’s mom. 3 generations of Jovovich-Anderson’s in the house!😆It’s hard to be a busy, working mom. It’s not easy finding a balance. But what I’ve realized, is that if I can’t make these kids laugh AT LEAST once a day, i’m not doing my job. Thank you god for all the good people in my life.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😆🤗❤️❤️❤️ #growingkidsgrowingfood #monsterhuntermovie #capetowndiary

It’s amazing to see your little one grow and express herself daily. A few weeks ago she cut her hair off, then she wanted to be an army Ranger, a few days later she dyed her hair like my little pony. She said, “but I’m a super princess army ranger mama! Can’t I be that?” Of course you can my sweet love. It’s so beautiful to see them experience different aspects of life and experiment with their identities. It’s so mysterious. I feel so lucky to be a fly on the wall to see all her moods and meanings. Her desire to change, multiple times a day. To watch a young mind finding itself. Figuring things out. Being a parent rocks.✊🏼🤗😆 @evergaboanderson #rangersleadtheway #growingkidsgrowingfood #capetowndiary

Congratulations to my incredible husband on the premiere of his new super scary horror/sci-fi show @origin_series! If you love his movie “Event Horizon” and you loved “Lost” then watch the first 2 episodes free on #youtube! Click the link in my bio to watch the trailer! #leaveearth #originseries

Congratulations to all the ladies in the house! So proud to see such smart, powerful women making history in my generation! #rainbowwave 🌈🌈🌈

Happy Birthday to my sweet, kind, hilarious little bug. I can’t believe I’ve had the privilege to know you for 11 years. You are daily giving me the best years of my life and I am so fully aware of that. Mama loves you so so much my precious baby.❤️❤️❤️ #evergaboanderson #birthdaygirl #tankwadiary

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