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Milkadamia  Delicious macadamia milk made from un-roasted nuts for smooth taste|milky creaminess. Dairy|soy|GMO|gluten free. Find on Amazon|select store near you.


Happy Tuesday - filled with anticipation and hope to change the world, one moment and one sip at a time 🌱

So are you to my thoughts as food to life,
Or as sweet-seasoned showers are to the ground.
It’s Shakespeare + milkadamia food kind of Sunday, our inspiration comes from this simply natural creation featuring our macadamia milk by @cordeliaann 🌱🌱

Regenerative farming and preferentially choosing regeneratively farmed food is one of the single most effective ‘actionable’ response to regain our earth some breathing space. No one is coming to save us? That’s OK - we will take it from here ourselves 🌱🌱🌱 #eatfortheplanet #eatregenerative #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativelyfarmed #milkadamia #itstartsunderground #fridayvibes

🌱🌱🌱Announcing the ultimate breakfast-in-a-box GIVEAWAY! 🌱🌱🌱We’re inviting you to a special brekkie party we’re hosting with our friends at @thedatelady and @micheles_granola to give away the perfect combination of wheat and dairy free goodies for your breakfast table. We will be giving away everything pictured to one lucky winner tomorrow evening, January 19th.

To enter:
1) Like this post
2) Tag two friends
3) Follow: @milkadamia @micheles_granola and @thedatelady
The winner will be randomly chosen and notified Friday evening January 19th at 10 pm CT. Must live in the United States to be eligible.
Good luck!!!!
Beautiful 📷 by @thedatelady

📝TO-DO LIST for the rest of our week:
• hug plants
• kiss soil
• save the bees + butterflies • plant seeds...into a pot. Or a garden. And possibly into a #milkadamia smoothie bowl 🌱🌱🌱 Created by our local Chicago plant-artist
@rosemaryandjuliet | milkadamia bowl with avocado, cauliflower, berries, cacao, maca, plantbased protein powder, local honey, hemp seeds, cacao nibs & coconut flakes 🥑

C U D D L E I N A C U P - those are the words that describe how our milk accompanies coffee 🌱🌱'Choose macadamia milk if you're a latte snob.' says @mic , '...while some nut milks tend to water down coffee or cold brew, macadamia milk is closer to the smooth and creamy taste of cow’s milk.' Grab your favorite mug filled with the roast of your choice this evening, and enjoy this article featuring #milkadamia - link in our bio. 📷 | Beautiful morning latte with milkadamia + cinnamon created by our friend @boochandbacon ❤️

Thank you for being an inspiration, every day 🌱🌱🌱

Come here you big, beautiful pink bowl of goodness and lie to me about how much we’re going to get done today🌱🌱🌱 Thank YOU, our friend @engaginghealth for this cacao+coconut muesli soaked in deliciously creamy #milkadamia, and topped with chia seeds, honey, and beet powder - we love this inspiring Sunday company!

One macadamia milk. One green planet. One million happy taste buds. OK, maybe we haven’t touched one million taste buds just yet, however it still means so much that we’re a favorite by the most loved plant-based lifestyle platform @onegreenplanet 🌱🌱🌱 Hop on to our profile link to read why your fridge needs a stock up of our milkadamia - and as our friends at @onegreenplanet say, it’s as convenient + cozy as ordering from your couch via our Amazon shop. And sssh...we have a special 15% OFF coupon for YOU! Happy weekend ✨✨✨

🌱🥛🌱🥛happy national milk day, friends - we’re having a special GIVEAWAY with our friend @whole30_marissa + one of our favorite coffee shops @southerngroundsco {they make pretty irresistible milkadamia lattes} to celebrate the joy of moo-free living.
Hop on to @whole30_marissa’s IG page for the steps to win two cartons of our milk {flavor of your choice!} and this fun SOGRO shirt pictured✨✨Good LUCK!

Tomorrow’s a great day - to wake up on the right side of history.
Happy #nationalmilkday 🌱🥛🌱🥛🌱 #mooismoot #milkadamia

We love the mind-opening story our friend @healthdoll.co tells on her post on matcha, so we are kindly borrowing her words | words to be sipped together with a foamy cup of #milkadamia matcha pictured here 🌱🌱
‘Matcha ...... by now everyone knows the insane health benefits of matcha tea for its potent anti oxidant punch , but did you know that matcha is also a profound immune booster and works synergistically to up regulate the body’s healing response? In clinical trials it was found that matcha increased antibiotic effectiveness by up to several hundred times. While as a Naturopath, I only recommend antibiotics when the body’s own defense and healing mechanisms are not enough, matcha is an excellent way to enhance your everyday immunity and natural health regimen. If you are taking natural anti virals, anti microbials, anti fungals, or any other herbal or natural Rx this cold season.... adding some daily matcha to the mix just might make the difference in whether you use those sick days or not.’ For your immune-boosting milkadamia creations this winter, we have a special 15% off promo on our milks on our Amazon shop at the moment to celebrate the month of new beginnings - link on our profile✨ 📷: @healthdoll.co ❤️

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