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↟↟Trina↟↟  Mama. Creative type. Illustrator. Painter. Grower. Stitcher. Maker. Australia. #milkthistlemakes Shop my makes at @milkthistleandco 😊

Praise be!!! It's cool enough to wear jeans!! Never ever EVER been so grateful to feel the start of Autumn🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🍂🍁🍂 #thankgodbecauseourairconditioningdied

Our ducted air conditioning got fried in the big electrical storm we had on the weekend. I needed to cook and have oven on. But I have MS and don't tolerate heat well. Solution? Cook in apron and undies. #toomuchinfo?😆🙈

Half good/half naughty lunch. Leftover veg pizza from last night's dinner, BUT epic green salad with everything coming from the garden. Bok choy, baby kale, mizuna and garlic chives. #redeemed 😄

In the meantime, here's a serious flashback to my uni days studying for my Natural History Illustration degree. I had a thing for fungi then. Still do actually! Maybe that's where my fascination with linear patterns in nature began! #naturalhistoryillustration #fungi #linear #patternsinnature #watercolour #paper #watercolour #worksonpaper #naturalhistory

Well, here we are a week and a half into Kindergarten and I still haven't gone anywhere NEAR my painting. I was sure two days in I'd be painting up a productive storm! Hmm. Still finding our big school routine I guess.. When I do pick up a brush, that round canvas is going to be one of the first things I play with!


THIS IS INSANE. #australiansummer


Okay, mooch time's over! Making some zucchini slice for brekky's/lunchbox/snacks😊😊

Look at me! I'm sitting on the lounge just drinking coffee and scrolling Insta! The TV is off! It's quiet! I can hear birds outside! My coffee is still hot!😆#firstdayofkindereuphoria #feelsweird