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Truth time: we talk out exactly what we’re doing to each other when taking pics to try to get rid of how awkward we feel and know we look 🙈
Example, in this picture, we were saying things like “and now we look at each other and laugh because you have to laugh when you’re sitting on a stoop because it’s sooooo funny” AND “I’m not uncomfortable you’re uncomfortable”
You get the idea, bunch o’ dorks in the flesh. We end up making each other laugh eventually with these rants, so weird as it is, we’re not fake laughing in our pictures but have actually just cracked ourselves up. That’s when snapping the pic is 🔑
Moral of the story is...
1. Awkward level is always SUPER high
2. We are v big nerds
3. We’re still having a lot of fun in spite of ourselves 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
📷: @mikeymo31

I feel like this sign outside of @portaasburypark sums us up pretty perfectly? We love to eat, drink, and be honest with all of our food and travel stories.
We don’t want this summer to end, it has been a constant stream of visitors and incredibly fun times. And as always, it has been filled with incredibly delicious food—The pasta we ate past these doors at Porta was some of the best we’ve had in NJ. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer everyone! 🏖 🌊

Looking back on this year of blogging like...
Miles Less Traveled turned 1 in July without us even realizing it! Like many things related to blogging, we were too busy with the whirlwind of it all to stop and take a moment to reflect on it all. But we did this past week, and wrote it up on the blog.
What did we learn this year?
What did we experience?
What was it really like?
Honestly, we’re still trying to take it all in. Last year held the best memories of our lives, pretty easily, and the blog has been our sounding board for all of that. The emotional investment we have made in MLT is almost the same as the hours of time we’ve put into it (almost) Perhaps the most surprising thing to both of us was that while we know more than we did when we started, we still don’t really know what we’re doing. But we’re enjoying the process WAY more than we thought we would, and are downright proud of what MLT has become. Thanks for sharing in this journey with us, it sure has been a fun ride so far ⭐️

Feeling a little clingy with summer right now. We’ve had so many plans that have allowed us to catch up with people we love, which has been so needed. However, the thing about living at the beach for the summer is that it’s hard to go anywhere else, not that we’re complaining, we just like to move and change scenery more than this. So we’re hoping to plan a mini overnight or two to hold us over until we get back on the road in September. For now, just being grateful, stealing moments in the forms of runs, bike rides, and sunset swims, and enjoying views like this 😌

Found yet another awesome spot when exploring NJ the other day. It was Sunday night, we were cranky and tired, and instead of doing the thing where we sat on the couch and marinated in our crankiness we decided we were leaving to do something, anything. We drove an hour to watch the sunset over the bay for a half hour, then drove over an hour back. So worth it. We find that forcing ourselves out to do something when we’re feeling crappy usually has an instant mood boosting affect, while staying home usually just makes us feel worse. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, even mini adventures have a way of soothing us. Also, watching the crazy beautiful magic of the sun setting or rising is usually a pretty good way to shift perspective into gratitude in our experience 🙏

This photo sums up NYC in the summer so perfectly to us. We absolutely adore street fairs, they’re the perfect combination of chaos and delicious food all in one place. There’s been so many times when we’ve needed a pick me up and found ourselves stumbling upon one of these. NYC always finds a way 😎

When you pose in the same spot as a way cuter couple than you 🙄 🤯 This gram life is actually getting over saturated 🤭 swipe left and drop us a comment to shoutout who wore it best (if we’re being honest we’re going for pic number 2)
📷: @mikeymo31

36 hours of...
4 leisurely swims 🧜‍♀️ in crystal clear ocean water at my favorite beach in the world

Eating a dinner of fresh lobster 🦀 bought from the local fish market in my bathing suit ➕
🌞Sunset and Moonlight 🌝beach walks ➕
Watching West Side Story with my Grandma 💃🏻=
One very happy and healthy Alicia human ✨

Ah the look of love. Had an incredible day in NYC this past weekend, and what day is complete without a proper Italian sandwich?!? Little concerning just how lovingly Joe looks at that sandwich though 🤔

Kayaking in Jersey is basically the same as kayaking in Fiji, except for the fact that they’re in no way, shape, or form the same 🛶 Missing the crazy blues of the Pacific but growing to appreciate the darker greens of the North Atlantic we grew up with more and more, what a beautiful world we get to call home 💕

Watermelon shirts 🍉 and ice cream sunsets 🍦 Can anyone say summer?! We’ve been working like crazy over here and sadly not getting in our dose of adventure as much as we’d like, but it’s been such a good reminder that there is often still so much joy to be found right where you are ✨ For us, that’s meant moonlit beach chats, eating dinner outside to watch the sky turn crazy colors at sunset (seriously it’s been amazing recently!), and sneaking in local kayak trips 🛶 What do you do when you need a bit of fun without traveling?

Walking into Pride month like...
One of the best gifts travel has given us is a tolerance and appreciation for those who are not exactly the same as us. There’s nothing like trying to speak just about any language on the Asian continent as an English speaker and having an endless amount of people not only translating for you, but offering to help in any way they can. #pride🌈 #pride2018

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