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The South Island of New Zealand was an incredibly special place, we simply could not get enough of it. And with all of that being said, it got our writing juices flowing! So be ready,our blog will be filled with four new posts on it coming as soon as we get off crummy WiFi! These were some of our favorite posts and favorite moments from our travels, we can’t wait to share them!

The worst part about losing our camera is that our new one has a remote, aka I no longer have the option of setting the timer and leaping on Joe at the last minute 🙄 I’m sure he’s disappointed as well...
On the road again - though sadly leaving these ones behind. We LOVE you New Zealand, and are positive this will not be the last time we roam you, you are just too beautiful to stay away from. Farewell for now — Fiji can’t wait to know ya!

Whale whale whale, look at what we have here! Incredible experience to see whales, dolphins, and seals through @whalewatchkaikoura

Gearing up for the end of our trip throughout the South Island in a few days. This entire country blew us away, an absolute must see if you love mountains, waterfalls, beautiful water, and/or ANYTHING beautiful in nature.

Every single time we get to a mountain we can’t help but think to ourselves, “New Zealand, you need to relax”. It feels fake because it’s just so dang beautiful. NZ, please keep not listening to us and keep doing you.

We have been constantly amazed by all of the sights and beauty we have seen so far in the South Island, it is even more beautiful than we expected. With that being said, Milford Sound is still leaving us breathless looking through pictures, so here is yet another waterfall!

We’ve been slacking on the food posts for New Zealand, but in spite of our instagram absence we have been eating VERY well. Tonight we had the freshest, and possibly the best seafood of our lives, at a place we specifically drove well out of our way for. For now, enjoy our “appetizer” of local scallops, green mussels, and cockles (obviously we got a tasting of five fillets of fish after this). All of this was pulled from the sea outside earlier today. Fleurs Place, you get us.

Sometimes, you stop on Milford Road on your way to the Sound and find the most beautiful mountains on top of a hike. Key Summit, you made us feel like little hobbits in the most perfect way.

Even though we are loving our time in New Zealand, we still must let you all know about our latest post (link in bio)! Check out our beginners guide to trekking Mount Rinjani, a truly amazing experience!

Everything everyone says about New Zealand’s South Island is true, and it’s hard to really feel it until you’re here. It’s remote, rugged, breathtakingly beautiful, and full of surprises. These dolphins swam under our kayaks yesterday in the Milford Sound and I almost threw my camera in the water I was so excited. If you look closely at the water, you can see the shapes of a few others swimming along side this one. We are still recovering from the beauty overload we received on this tour.

Sorry we’ve been MIA for the last 48 hours, we’ve been a bit preoccupied...

Lucky to see the Franz Josef Glacier while here exploring the South Island in New Zealand. The glacier has been melting away at an incredibly fast rate the past few years and no one knows how much longer it will even exist. This short hike through a rain forest lined with waterfalls made it even more special. Also, it helps that the glacier does have a good name 😉

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