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Aubrey Miles  🔴TV/Movie Actress 🔴ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer 🔴NiKE Girl/ Mom of 👬 🔴Owner of A-Miles Pawnshop "FITNESS IS LIMITLESS" with Aubrey Miles

Before I say goodnight. Thank you @toyotamotorphilippines I had so much fun today. I can't wait to drive and go alittle faster tom. Awesome @jptuason @huaweimobileph
See you all tom #vioscup #vioscup2017 #OMP #TRD #gazooracing #tuasonracing #toyotaph #wakudoki #oo

Just happy that my astigmatism went down. Somehow I like wearing glasses because it looks good haha but I don't like astigmatism. Thanks @magnooptical for my TOM FORD prescription glasses. Functional and stylish 🤓

My passenger seat looks like today. Got 2 snacks after my lunch meal from @paleomanila I think paleo is the winner. It's my kind of diet meal. Not focusing on eating less but more giving what you need according to your lifestyle especially it's gluten free, dairy free, NON GMO , all natural. I found my happy meal. I'll try my best to stay and maintain😃

No, I'm not obsessed with KYLIE lipset haha It's summer I need long lasting lipwear😻 thanks for the awesome deal @beautyconceptph Sorry I had to rush my order na pressure ba kayo hahha but hey you guys delivered, Salute! I'm wearing Shade 22 Kylie.
@huaweimobile @huaweimobileph #huaweip9

And the training begins. Summer na, good to train. After our Holy Week vacation kailangan bumawi naman. I'm still dark😋 Morning swim with tri coach @algonzales96 @troymontero #garmin #garminfenix3 @garmincenter

Good Morning. Let's swim again @troymontero

Dinner time then sleep. Early Training tomorrow😻

One day I'll try a TREK mountain bikes but for now I need to focus on my Road bike training. I never thought I'll miss biking while on vacation. @trekbikes @trek_bicycle_store_manila @trekbicyclephilippines @cyclesportph @sanch13 #trekbikes #trekphilippines #TrekStoreManila
Got the stickers na @sanch13

Smile at the camera😃
Ok now I'm tripping on my Go pro. I'm very happy with my new investment because I'm not so techie. Not good with gadgets 😛 Anyway After a week of vacation, back in training. Good to see my form and what needs improvement. We usually train with our tri coach Al but today we had an hour to swim so we went alone. I'm not shy to say I'm a rookie at swimming. I like the challenge. I like learning, bring it on😁. For me before I get competitive I want to have time to enjoy it first because sometimes when you think of competing right away you forget the fun part of it. Fitness should not only be effective, it should be fun. We need to see you soon @algonzales96
#garmin @garmincenter @garmin #garminfenix3

So this is how it looks under water. I bought a go pro to see my movements when I swim, bike , run even (car ) race haha Great investment 😍 @garmin @garmincenter #garmin #garminfenix3
Hero5 📸 @troymontero

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