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I got through the bottom half to the flake rest and then the next boulder to the ledge rest. Then i blew it on the final roooofffbsjwndnskanfbakwndbrb fuckfhwiwoiaq

9th(?) day on honor and glory. Super close... fell at the VERY last hard move on the 14+ section. From there it's the ledge rest and then to the top. Maybe wednesday

@zachi.watson zach attack big purps watson is one of Alberta’s rarest climbers and he’s reported that he’s made a rare ascent of Fit Bird Direct 5.14a in Echo Canyon above Canmore in the Rockies.

zach attack big purps watson is fresh off placing second in the Canadian Lead Championships behind Josh Larson at Rock Jungle Boulders in Utah.

In the past, zach attack big purps watson has won the Youth Rarity Award and competed at the Youth World Championships and Arco Rock Masters.

Congrats on the early season send @zachi.watson zach attack big purps watson and here’s hoping for more success on rare projects this year. (yes zach really sent fit bird direct to join the 5.14 club!! This is a parody of a gripped article about the fricker which had a bunch of errors in it)

Scootin and zootin

My contract has expired coaching them at the U of A, and I will miss the team very much. Hopefully they keep climbing long after they are done with junior competitions and come play on rocks outside. I have like a dozen route names from them, which I'm pretty excited to put to use this summer.

and @noahjperry / @youngchild_sami picked a bad day to sleep in

I got to the same move on my redpoint as last time. But i linked all the way to the final sequence from there. That made for just 2 hangs to the top. I figured out a better foot sequence for one boulder as well. It's getting closer for sure

At the wall and it's go time. Thanks for the support @sceveleigh

Day 5 on Honour and Glory, doing huge links now. @alex_fricker went up a fixed line and got this pic of me looking very very pumped on the rest separating the 14+/14- sections. The route stacks up as 3 boulders problems, a rest on the epoxy flake, one last hard boulder (on epoxied holds..) and then the rest on the pic. 25m of steep and pumpy climbing to the top from there.
On a redpoint burn, I fell on the last hard move before the flake rest from the ground, and linked it to the final roof from there. There is a real chance I send the first time I get to the epoxy flake. Psyched

Day 4 at the Colesseum. Was hoping to get the move i fell on from the ground last time but fell at the same place. I got to the epoxy flake again from there but fell right after at the final boulder before the no-hands. I got better beta for that move now but was hoping to do a little more. It's fine though I had a long week.
I forgot to get a photo of climbing but @kristinemckay took this photo of ice on a tree

Day 3 on Honor and Glory. I one-hung the 14+ section to the epoxied flake, and on a seperate go got all the draws hung to the top. There is one more hard move immediately after the flake, then a no hands rest. The top shouldn't be too bad after the no hands rest

This man right here this man. This is the man that keeps on giving. Sometimes i wonder if this is too much man for one man

Day 2 on Honour and Glory, Canadas second proposed 5.15. I'm not on TR that red line is from someone bolting lol.
Did every move on the 14+ section, up to the rest at the 11th bolt. I made some pretty significant links, right now it's at 3 hangs to the jug rest. I thought there would be some moves or sequences I couldn't do in one session. Maybe there is another crux above the rest..? I couldn't continue, I ran out of draws and need to buy more

RESTORED. There are about 15 brand new routes plus the competition routes. We brought in the big guns for this one, Zach Attack Watson.

Thank you to volunteer forerunners @handsbee @kristinemckay @svensirum @e_seretny @gracewieny @noahjperry you have no idea how much easier this is with the feedback

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