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MPM  🇺🇸Born 🇮🇹Intl raised.Words i try to live by: 💛Take your Cookies when they are passed💛The Golden Rule💛Happiness is a State of Mind💛Just do it💛Be Kind

In love with the beautiful color of these amaryllis 💛

Also early morning workouts give me life! Getting ready for @esperanzaresort 💪🏻❤️💛💙

Days like this give me life ! 💙💛

In love with my new color #blondambition #blondeinsideandout #next to die for cashmere scarf : @nowarriving

#happygirl 💛💪🏻💛

Photo courtesy of my #MommyLove, my biggest fan 💖 earrings @marinafossati . Memories of a wonderful evening

#morningmoon what a joy to start the day with such a beautiful blue sky and the moon still visible 🌙 #happygirl

Gelato alla crema con tartufo #foodgasm vanilla ice cream with truffle ... to die for #iloveme #happygirl #grateful