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taking a social media break . if u wanna text, text my number

i’m sent


i am not okaaaayyy 😭 remy gmfu

i just realized the words were cut off 😭
#explore #explorepage #viral

my mom did not caaaare 😭 she said it’s a whole bop😭😭😭
ima start using tags cuz i need clout
#explore #explorepage #viral #funny

how was ur guys’ friday?? like i deadass wanna know i’m tired of ghost followers lol •

mine was full of hella drake, jeremih, miguel, & phora hehehe

TGIS IS A JOKE BTW idk how to dance lol

tru fax thx for cuming 2 my ted talk

march 29th don’t mf text me i’ll be busy .

omg kai get ur mf sister a present she being a brat .

i might have to go private cuz sheeeesh my instagram acc is getting passed around my family and uh uhhh🥶.

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