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Mila Goodman  Curious. Wanderer. Easily amused. Loves Candy. Fuji X fan girl.

Fresh bouquet of #flowers = one of my favorite gifts.

Yesterday I had total buyer's happiness - top down and a drive longer than a mile. #audi #convertible #lovedriving

this conference room wall is so alluring. Seriously, those are all fishing lures.

clever way of carrying on more than what a standard suitcase holds ...#airportstalking

Wall of colored pencils. I think I should have also taken the wall from a few steps back. Client's office uses their product as part of the wall art/design.

Beautiful Ranunculus - Sometimes a single stem is just as impactful as an entire bouquet. #flowers #Bouq

Guess I still need that snow brush after all. Dumb groundhog.

I was still tempted ...#alwaysasmoker #dutyfree

#art @ the airport...#seattle #sea-tac

Different ways of being deep in thought at the airport lounge.


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