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For every HBD I receive, I will donate $10 to Doctors Without Borders

The World Cup is truly a remarkable experience, I am grateful for the past three weeks and I have never witnessed such a joyful unity of humans from all walks of life - whether it was the Moroccan student on my train who scraped up pennies to be there to cheer on his team, or the Peruvian fans at the airport who flew 12,000km to root for their first World Cup appearance in 36 years. I saw young, old, black, white all embracing the beautiful sport of football and supporting their teams with the loudest cheers and the most electric chants. Rivals were hugging each other and drinking and dancing - everyday people would stop in their busy lives to show love for flags from all around the world and welcome them to their country with open arms.
It was magical to experience it live and while I must have bombarded everyone’s social media feeds, I did it because I wanted you to experience the moments, the triumphs, the beauty in real time. All of you who watched live and sent positive vibes, I will never forget it and it heightened my experience to share it with you.
Iran, team Melli - you guys are truly heroes and while the history books won’t show for it, the impact is not measurable on a scorecard. The Iranian people who love and adore you guys will always remember the heart and fire you played with. If they all knew how about how Nike decided to put politics over sport, or about how other nations cancelled last minute to play friendly matches for your World Cup preparation, it almost seemed like nothing was going your way but you managed to defy the naysayers, the doubtful. You played against the worlds best and you went toe to toe in every imaginable way. You may not have advance into the next round, but there’s another chapter to fill and given your performance, it will be written.
Merci Iran! Спасибо Россия!

As Salamu Alaikum Kazan

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