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The cellulite, the butt sweat, the crotch sweat, the weird faces that you make when you are working hard.. it’s normal.
No way in hell does everyone look like they are picture freaking perfect doing exercises or working out.
I know—social media glamorizes it and tells you how you should look, sweat and move. Which then makes you feel embarrassed when you don’t feel like you look picture perfect.

Can I tell you a secret?

No one looks like what they do online. No one is going to post their crotch sweat—I mean me. I am. Because it’s normal. Nothing to be ashamed of here.
The way you grunt during your deadlifts, normal. The way your body twists or your camel toe is POPPIN—normal.

Your body is so damn normal and I’m sorry if you’ve been lead to believe that there’s anything wrong with it to begin with.

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Today I concluded that if I were food, I’d be a chicken wing.
You think that you’ve gotten to the bone, but still.. even with all of the messiness, there will still always be more.
Complex and messy. 🍗🍗🍗
If you were a food, what you be and why??
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Raise your hand if you’ve been to a school dance 💃🏼 I haven’t and i know i know no one likes them once they’re there but for someone who didn’t go—to me they’ll always be romantic, and magical.
Okay, senior year i DID go with my friends to prom but I don’t count it because i went with my friend and wasn’t asked. We also didn’t dance lol.
I use to think that in never being asked that there was something inherently wrong with ME.
Am i not pretty enough.

I had this idea that i was rejected....but i wasn’t. Not being asked isn’t a form of rejection. Not being asked is simply not being asked.

I had two options:
Realize that someone not asking me just means that no one asked me and not that I’m weird (i mean a little bit we all are)


Create a story that I’m less than and that’s why no one asked me.

Much.. MOST of our stress comes from creating stories around what’s happening in our life.
It’s why friendships are lost, relationships end, opportunities aren’t taken.
I know, now you are questioning your whole life lol. Let’s not dwell on the past.
Instead... when you don’t feel good enough or feel rejected.. Ask yourself; Is this story I’m telling myself TRUE??
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The thing about lower belly fat... I know you hate it, i did too. I thought “how do these IG models just remain so untouched, so lean, so flatwhateverthefuck”. I didn’t realize that all humans have it. I thought it was something to get rid of—you too?
You can want to change your body, that’s okay. But if you’re having a hard time today, i just want you to know that all bodies twist, fold and turn. You’re normal. Your belly is normal.
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“Omg girl you look so great!!”
They didn’t know I was abusing food, exercise, my body, my life, to achieve what they were praising me for.
What we all praise people for—a body that looks less than we did before.
The moment I gained weight in my healing process, i stopped getting praise for my body and I started to cultivate REAL and AUTHENTIC relationships with others and myself because people who love you don’t give a damn about how you look.
If you’re feeling stuck, sad or trapped in knowing people see you more when you’re smaller—I challenge you to cultivate a life thats rooted deeper than how you look.
A fulfilled life.
Which doesn’t have to mean you’re eat pray loving your life or buying alll the self help books. It doesn’t come from praise or surface level compliments.
It does not come from skinny, muscles, curves.
It comes from connection. Where can you cultivate more meaningful connection in your life?
A better question is.. Where can you cultivate a more meaningful connection within yourself?
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Your feelings demand to be felt one way or another.
Today, I cried for about an hour. Not a soft cry.. A very loud sob. Pretty sure I looked one of the Kim Kardashian’s memes 🙆🏼‍♀️ Just like physical pain tells you that something needs healed, the same is for your emotions.
I’m not saying you need to cry every day, yell, scream, and blindly follow these emotions you feel.
Instead- learn from them. Identify what caused you to cry, to lash out at a friend or family member.
By understanding with compassion, the meaning of our pain- we can learn to support ourselves and pain by integrating our own coping mechanisms.
#heal #emotions #feelings #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #aeriereal #aerie

Here’s a few really random fun facts about me:
-I know how to work a fork lift because I worked in a warehouse
-I can drive a tractor because I worked on a farm once.
-If you were to hand me a bow and arrow and tell me to hit a target 100 ft away, I could hit it with no problem. -I spent 6 months living in India hiking the Himalayan Mountains with no bed or shower living in the villages, and in doing so I can now speak fairly good Hindi.
-I’ve kayaked off of a 20 foot waterfall (on purpose) because it sounded adventurous.
-I’ve sky dived.
The point of all of these things I’m telling you is...
To know that on the list of things I’m proud of, my body is the last on that list. Your life is your masterpiece, not your body.
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Have you ever asked yourself “what is enough”? Or are you blindly continuing to go and go until what? Abs? A thigh gap? So then what happens when you get there? Will you be done? You can search and train, sweat, say no to bagels all you want—but when your “why” is rooted in reaching some level of enoughness, you’ll never be happy in the ways you think you will. Slow down. Tune in, and ask yourself “what IS enough?” If you don’t know, it may be a good idea to stop and figure out what in your life needs more attention, care and kindness.
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You are not crazy for missing someone who abused you.
When I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, in my head, what I had gone through wasn’t real. It didn’t happen in my mind the way that others were telling it happened.
All I knew was that I hated him, and I missed him at the same time.
I could not for the life of me understand how his manipulation & physical abuse STILL had me sitting in front of my therapist, puzzled saying, “I’m proud of myself for not calling him when I felt lonely today”… SHOULDN’T I NOT WANT TO SPEAK TO MY ABUSER?!?!?!
I’m sure you feel/have felt this way too.
I’m no therapist, but from my own experience in healing, processing the trauma with my therapist, and resources I have studied…
You missing your abuser does not make you crazy, does not make your experience with abuse any less valid, and it’s ACTUAL SCIENCE that your brain hides trauma to protect you from living through it again.
So yeah, that person screwed your brain up to think that when you are sad, angry, lonely, and tired that they are the only person that feels right to turn to.
To all of the women who understand - your experience is valid whether it was physical or emotional. You aren’t crazy.
And you CAN feel.. “more” normal again with help.
See a therapist, talk to someone you trust, research how you feel. There is hope for you to understand your experience for what it actually is rather than what you were conditioned to think it was. You can smile without feeling your heart shatter.
Resources for help: @juliarosepolktherapy @betterhelp @psych_today
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It’s just.. a great day to be alive.
#imightbedrinking 🤭 #osu #osufootball

Do you want the truth?
You will gain weight.
You will lose weight.
You will maintain weight.
Whether it be a little, or a lot.
Your body will change, because your body is made to change.
We expect the seasons to change because.. it’s science and we know this of Mother Nature.
We do not expect the seasons to reverse, to stay the same forever. We even get angry when the seasons don’t change when they are supposed to.
And even in the ugliest of winters, we still wake up and appreciate the days we spend with loved ones.
So what do you say? What if, you still appreciate your body in seasons of change? We still love and appreciate ourselves on the ugliest of days?
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Your body is the least interesting thing about you.
When you open a gift.. what do you notice? How pretty the packaging is?
Maybe you appreciate it for .876 seconds.
But what we really want.. what we REALLY appreciate.. is what is inside the gift.
The same applies to you ❤️
#bodykindness #aerie #aeriereal #realselfcare #selflove #bodypositive

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