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Mikayla Zazon  Your resource in health, self love, and healing @balanceathletica leader Twitter- @mikzazon Founder of @theroseretreat 30 day, 30 min workouts 👇🏼

If i don’t speak, who will.
This past weekend, i spoke up about my experience with domestic violence for the first time to 20 women at @theroseretreat i just met 2 days prior.
This morning i opened up my wounds again talking about abuse and how it correlates with eating disorders to some of the most powerful women in the Midwest.
Just by opening up those two times to women who are willing to listen.. i have helped 20 girls own their stories and take on their next step in mental health/Eating disorder recovery, and 5 women specifically take the next steps to leave the abusive relationship their in currently.
Change happens in conversation. But more so, owning your truth. Too much pain and suffering happens to women who don’t even know there is help out there.
If YOU don’t speak, who will.
Jumper- @lulus
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Answer me: what is your mindset walking into a workout? Is truth really ugly?
Be. Honest. And if you don’t want to commit to commenting, at least say it out loud so you can hear yourself.
I’ve been through mindsets from I need to workout because I’m fat, others will like me smaller, guys will notice me, i binged the day before and this is my punishment, i hate myself.. I know you relate.
I’ve been through therapy, mentors, dietitians, doctors to try to solve problems that ultimately root in my abusive relationship. It was not until i owned my truth and got raw and honest with myself that i needed to heal on a deeper level to shift things like my “workout mindset”
From this point forward (thank u @strongchicksrock) ask yourself “what is the least i can do for myself today?” But apply that to your mindset going into your workouts. If it’s 30 minutes, great, do that! 10 minute walk? Cool, go walk around the block! Let’s go destroy a leg day to get out some anger? F** yeah. Is it resting? Netflix and chill boo!
Do what you need to do to maintain your balance, sanity, health.
This is your time TO OWN YOUR TRUTH, the bad, the ugly mindsets. Go 👇🏼
#bodyimage #healthymindset #balanceathletica #findyourbalance #selfacceptance #selflove #womenempowerment

Do you remember the first time you were fat?
Not actually “fat”, but thought losing weight was the solution?? (I hate using the word fat but i have a point here)
Hell, I wish I were as fat as the first time I thought i was fat.
I look back at photos and don’t remember memories. I remember how i was trying to turn/hide my body in ways that make me look smaller, when in reality i looked freaking great and... well.. I’m about 40lbs heavier now.
Turns out every woman is a little bit delusional in the whole body image department lol.
So here’s the thing.. when you see pictures where you remember thinking how fat you were, ugly you were, are you actually looking at the full picture?
When you’re comparing how you’ve looked in the past with what you look like now, dissecting, analyzing, HATING, your only look at one part of the whole.
You’re forgetting that you were absolutely f*cking miserable trying to be smaller, you’re forgetting that you were at a different point in your life, you’re forgetting that you went through some crap mentally from that point to now.
I may admire the way i looked when i weigh’d less but i don’t admire how angry and sad i was constantly.
I’ve been through some shit. You’ve been through some shit.
Be aware of that and be aware that you’re evolving by the minute into the person you are meant to be if you appreciate who you are internally, not externally.
#evolve #womenempowerment #bodyimage #celebratemysize #selflove #selfacceptance

If you’ve felt disgusting in your body, hated yourself for not fitting into clothes, have dealt with an eating disorder, have been physically and mentally abused, have/had a mental illness.. I’m talking to you.
These pictures/videos give no justice for the amount of healing myself and these amazing women did in two days.
That ugly secret, that ugly part of you, whether it be purging, eating until your body physically hurts, not eating a single thing, being so sad you’ve thought about ending your life, loving a person who tells you that you’re worthless... i have that ugly part of myself too.
These 20 women came together, met for the first time, shared their truths, and supported the f** out of each other. So if you think there is no hope living within your ugly truth.. You’re wrong. These women are testaments of that.
The first ever ROSE (restore, overcome, self-love, empower) Retreat was more than a success.. It was f**king life changing.
#theroseretreat #empowerher #selflove #restore #retreat #overcome #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthawareness

23 women coming together for a weekend of restoring, overcoming, self-love, and empowerment.
I created the @theroseretreat in hopes to spark a little inspiration to love themselves a little more, to own their stories, and embody the beautiful beings they truly are... Well... jokes on me because these beautiful, badass women have inspired a lifetime of love for myself in just one day.
Here’s to this weekend, and many more retreats to come ❤️
#theroseretreat #retreat #hockinghills #restore #overcome #selflove #empowerment

These pictures were taken hours apart from each other. No weight gain, no weight loss. Just different lighting compared to natural lighting, mirror compared to no mirror.
Looking at these pictures.. it could be a different person in these shots.
Simply existing as a woman, our bodies invite judgement especially from ourselves. We choose clothing because it’s kind of like our armor to protect our bodies from being seen by the world. Put a girl in a dressing room.. we are exposed without that armor and forced to face our fears... looking like we’ve gained weight and having to undress.
If that lighting and mirror is bad just give the store the middle finger, never ever go back and maybe we should all just stick to online shopping 😂
Tag your friends that need to see this. I think everyone can use a little fitting room mirror normalization ❤️
#goldenconfidence #honormybody #bodypositivity #transformation #allbodiesaregoodbodies #effyourbeautystandards

In high school, i was told to go to the stupid trailer by my teacher in front of the whole class. “The stupid trailer” was a building outside of the school that the kids with learning disabilities went to. This truly impacted the belief system i had in myself.
Because i had learning disabilities i was stupid (my thought process) From then on i sat in the back of the classroom, never raised my hand, and it grew with me as time went on.
Until recently, I haven’t stood up for my abilities, my body, my thoughts and my smartness.
I’m looking at myself now thinking... “MY LAWD BOO!! You’re beautiful! You’re able! Fuck yeah you can do this!!”
Still I catch myself apologizing for asking too many questions because it’s hard for me to learn and still i sometimes feel like poop when I’m around people who look physically fit.. but that doesn’t change that I’m a badass in the gym, I’m smart, I’m determined, I’m loving and able.
Someone’s words may have impacted the belief you have in yourself. I want to tell you, that i know it’s hard living in a world where you think you need to fit into a certain mold of perfection.
Yeah you may have some struggles that impact your life but that does not change who you are. You are not your struggles. You are a gosh darn miracle of a human.
#selflimitingbeliefs #youarebeautiful #youaremorethanenough #iamenough

It started with feeling defenseless. It ended with me claiming my throne.
#itsmytime #recovery #gainingweightiscool #celebratemysize #edrecovery

2 years ago today, i packed my things and moved across the country after leaving a 3 year abusive relationship.
3 years of joking that the bruises on my neck were “hickie’s”, and the ones on my arms and legs were from “clumsiness”. I kept the ones on my ribs hidden.
I actually grew a reputation of being the clumsy girl.
Diet culture and domestic violence stole my virginity, stole my birth right to experience things with an open heart, stole my ability to sleep without night terrors, stole my natural instincts to eat a balanced meal, stole the girl who used to flirt, be funny, and ripped my heart out stripping it from ever feeling enough leaving me with bruises and an eating disorder to hide. Most kids remember high school and college as football games, sleeping overs and late nights.. well i remember hiding bruises and police calls.
Next time you are in public, think about the 1 in 4 women who have similar stories to mine. The next time you question if a friend is having trouble with food, think about how he/she may be the 9 out of 10 people who suffer who don’t seek help with their eating disorder.
The next time you question if someone is being a little too aggressive, a little too controlling, do not be afraid to intervene. It may save their life.
Awareness is change and this is people’s lives at stake.
#domesticviolence #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #abuseawareness #edrecovery #purpleribbon

What are you struggling with right now?
Life is hard guys, and it’s harder without a support system. So comment below your struggles, and when your done, reply to another comment & give them encouragement. I’ll start, I’m struggling with being social with my friends again (i can’t be the only one, right?) 😣🤒
#strugglebus #walkingdisaster #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

Lately I’ve been waking up proud of the work I’ve put into recovery.
I’ve been effortlessly thanking my body for forgiving me through the abuse i put it through
Effortlessly. Loving. My. Body. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.
#edrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #findyourbalance #balanceathletica #ilovemybody #celebratemysize

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