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Mikyle Meyer  German - American.

Hey @nyanpat15 ! Get on my level mate.

@dhlexpress but did Hammond find something that can crash and burn better than him?

Getting closer and closer to officially becoming a US airman.

45 years torn apart. One preaching Democratic values while being occupied by an ally, the other a slave to those who raped and murdered while they conquered. Brought together by the strength of its people may we Germans and our country grow stronger and our people grow closer in a brighter future.

#imaxsweepstakes #Kingsman #suituporbootup Absolutely loved the new Kingsman film.

Kinda wanna see if someone will respond or if EA will just ban me from their games from now on..

https://www.gofundme.com/my-501st-armor. For also those that see this I implore you to go to GoFundMe and put in the campaign search bar my 501st armor and please donate. Thank you #swco #sw

#swco For those not able to attend or were not in the vicinity during the Droid parade here you go enjoy.

I call it the darthmobile #swco

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