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The showcase of the immortals. #Wrestlemania

Taking in the sites

#Wrestlemania weekend begins the right way. #HandGrenades

My Thursday night > your Thursday night. #CanAmDuel

#JetUp ✈️

Sunday funday. #Paintball

Yesterday was a good day. Congrats Nick and Lisa, I love you guys.

Your boy cleans up alright #BergVanAulenWedding

After 10 years it was time to upgrade #RogueOne

Still my favorite place on earth. #TheClash

I want to preface this post by saying I'm the least cocky or conceded person I know and I'm not looking for a pat on the back but only to share and help others that felt like I did. 2 years ago, I finally hit the point where I said enough was enough. I need to be better, I owe it to myself and I'm going to be better. It hasn't been easy, in fact at times it's been hell. But I felt I owed it to myself to be my very best. Since that point I've dedicated myself and become more disciplined than I ever thought I could. Once you stop making excuses and own it you can really grow. I never took any "before" pictures because honestly I couldn't stand the sight of myself in the mirror and that was the breaking point. Having never been a morning person, getting up at 3:40 am was supposed to be impossible, but it has completely changed my life, my attitude and my health. Since that day I've lost over 50lbs, added 100 to my bench and doubled my squat and deadlift, and this is just the beginning. Constantly setting newer and higher goals is key to staying motivated and never settling. Obviously there's been setbacks along the way, but we're all human and the trick is to push back against it and get going again. Support from others is a huge part of what makes this possible and I want to shout out @fla_5_oh @this_carolyn_m @12v_macgowan As well as the many good people I see every morning at LA that worked with me and helped motivate me as I have them, it also helps to follow along with others that share positivity and can be heroes to you that push to even further to be like them like @therock @johncena .Contrary to popular belief you don't have to post or tell the world every time you work out in order to find results, it's always been about the grind and improving your self-worth in spite of how you may perceive yourself or compare to others.
Thank you for your time, and this is only the beginning. #HLR #KeepGrinding #ButDontCutTheHair

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