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❀ ✿ ~ Miku-chii~ ✿❀  🌸 LoliShota 🌸 🍼 Cosplayer Since 2011 🍼 First Cry On The 28th April 🍼 Ducks ♡ Bunnies🐇 🍼 BJD(2) 🍼 10 Years Old 💧🍼*:・♡ C R Y B A B Y ♡ ・:*🍼💧


Aaah I Crosses Fingers uwu This Cuties! @dolls_ian #dollsian

Firstly, Congrats On 10k!! Gonna Give This A Shot uwu. Thank You For This Amazing Giveaway! @yasminbjd #yasminbjd10kgiveaway 🌸🌸🌸

🚀 👽 Just A Waste Of S p a c e In Your Brain , To Take The Place Of Hate For Things All The Same . 👽 🚀

🍪 Oreo Squad 🍪 .
📷 : @t_bear10 🐻

💧 Self-inflicted Achromatic 💧

🌸 F u c k Y o u B u t F u c k M e T o o 🌸

🌸 Welcome Home, Kiyoshi 🌸

Kiyoshi Is Back Home From Face Up And He Look Really Adorable. Mommy Missed You Too, Little Kiyou 💙 🍼 💙

🌸 I Miss My Little Bleep Blorp 🌸

Kiyou / Kiyoshi Is Currently With My Lovely Friend For A New Faceup. As You Can See In This Pic, His Face Is Pretty.. Uhh.. Messed Up :'D
You'll Come Home Soon Little Bby. 🍼Mommy's Waiting 🍼

🔪🌸My Life Is Endless Suffering And Torment 🌸🔪

💀💧I Welcome Loss
Like The Outcast Sibling
Starved For Attention .💧💀

💧 Can't Believe It Happened, I Tried To Stop It But I Couldn't. I Finally Broke, I Have No Fight Left In Me. I Thought I Could Keep This All Inside Of Me, All Bottled Up. I Thought If I Put It In The Back Of My Mind It Would All Just Go Away In Due Time. I Was Wrong, Keeping All These Emotions Inside Just Got Too Much To Handle And Now Here I Am, Broken Down And Defenseless. I Was In Tears In The Train Yesterday , I Can't Hold Them Back Any Longer. I've Let Everything Out, Everything I've Been Keeping Deep Inside. Family Saw Me. Mom Tried Asking But In A Rough Way And Never In A Comforting Way. I Cried Again..To Sleep. All I Needed Is A Long Hug, Someone To Hug Me And Says Everything Will Be Alright. That Is All. But I Didn't Receive That From A Live Being. I Received It From A Large Stuffed Bear, Comforting Me Till I Fall In Deep Slumber With Tears In My Eyes. 💧

♫ A Princess Under True Love Spell
Who Is The Boy In The Earthly Attire
The Prince Of The Princess's Deepest Desire
I Don't Need To Show It , I Think We All Know It
But Just To Be Certain I'll Say It Again
Star Butterfly Is In Love With Her Best Friend
And His Name Is Marco Diaz

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