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Right after 24h work shift at the firehouse...10k row...I'm ready for the day. #concept2 #firefighter #smokeeater

Traditional mid summer Spehar. This year my version was: 9.6km run (4.17 avg/km) + 20x 5thruster/5c2b.

Your pick: pain hour or happy hour.
0-20 min: 10 rds every 2min: 7 D-ball to box + 10 D-ball squat 70kg
20-30min: Rest and prepare
30-45min: every 90s for 10 rds: 3 front squat 77.5%
45-50: rest and prepare
50-60min: 3 c/j 80kg 10 barover burbee. I go you go style( goal 8 rds each).
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The System is a training template designed by Mikko Salo. Goal for the The System is to find your potential as an athlete. Join in to the team and start today the work towards your potential. Link in my bio.
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Wreck diving, great hobby for rest days ( I'm the left one and the diver on right is Pex). #rescudiver #smokeeater

4x5 DL 210kg, without belt, each rep with dead stop start.
For a while now, I have done my heavy DL sets with dead stop, it is hard, but goal is not to train ego, goal is to get stronger.

Came to box, had 20min time until coaching. Did Kelly, drank recovery shake from @progenexeurope and changed dry clothes on.

Fun session with great people.
In 20min: 100 c/j + amrap rope climb.

Testing new equipment, underwater scooter to help rescue diving technics and tactics. This was fun!
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Open is over. It is time to start building yourself as an athlete again.
Join in to The System if you want to reach your potential as an athlete. The System has two different training templates, once a day training session and two times a day training session.
If you are interested look the link in my bio.

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The System will have training camp in Rotterdam 8.4-9.4.
Two training sessions a day, lectures about programming, periodisation, endurance training, training weaknessess and more.
Price for the two day camp is: 392$ (including vat).
If you are interested to join in or need more info, ask from this email:

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The System has now two different templates. The original which includes 9 sessions a week and the new one, which includes 5 sessions a week. Check out the link in my bio and join to the team.
Feel free to contact me if you want an offer from The System to your box's competitors group.

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