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It just is like that.

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Never broken. #ryourogue

Note to myself:
It is not beneficial to go outside and feel sorry for yourself during your rest periods in the middle of Ski erg intervalls.
Pace was right, but demanding...I just needed to man up and get the work done.
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Just doing few Ghd sit-up in the middle of chipper.
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A while ago we trained how to recover a body from a sunken car.
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No words.

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Just random thoughts about competitive CrossFit at the moment.
Athletes need to have strong skill and sport specific efficiency base. Metabolic condition in its different pathways should be priority.
Solid gymnastic stamina and overall strenght endurance base is more important than biggest snatch and C/J.
Do your work with ODD objects.
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Best friends. Bono on the left and Barbara on the right.

Building an engine takes time.
On the menu today was wave load rowing intervalls. Goal was to stay aerobic and rather easy. Now it is time to earn new paces by doing volyme.
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What do you guys think?

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The System will soon have shirts. What do you think about the logo that is planned for shirts?
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The System is a training template designed by me. If you want to find your full potential as an athlete sign in and let's start the work. Get what you earn!
If you are interested, check out the link in my bio.
By the way, in the System we use Reverse Hyper in other ways than just someone sitting on it. #getwhatyouearn

I prepared the training simulator for the rescudivers by hiding two "victims". Then it was time to train and my job was to be an instructor of underwater action. #rescuediver

Just doing the work with purpose. #thesystem

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