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Mike Yoshida  Photographer | @CoalHeadwear ambassador | All inquiries email: mike@mikeyoshida.com ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


My #wcw every damn day. Even if we walk too far and have to take an uber home! ๐Ÿ˜‚ #godzillary #windy #beachhair @vaders_mom

@wainosworld did it again. Not only did he help orchestrate the build for the #seshup, but he also sent it the biggest! And the highlight of the day was watching @tdlockett12 pass the ball to @steve.largent mid air. Can't wait to see @bradandrew's angle.... @seahawks

6 years ago a met an unknown snowboarder named #FreddyPerry aka @d_opelord. Freddy is half Norwegian and half New Zealander, so he talks really funny. He also happens to be one of the most hilarious people I know. I call him #TheFace2.0, sorry Sean. Anyhoo, fast forward 6 years, and Fred has created @itsbenchpress the movie, featuring the worlds best mini shreds, exclusively snowboarding on pre existing benches. Check his profile for details on where to watch the vid, and props to @flammekasper for editing this masterpiece. Sorry you got mud butt super bad in this tunnel shot, but hopefully @dinosaurs_will_die got you a fresh hoodie right away. #mudoutrun #headnod #nznorwegian #coolstory #snowboarder #TheFace2

Throughout all my travels, I've had the opportunity to photograph some amazing action, people and places. The gamut of personalities I've worked with range from pre teen groms to the most seasoned vets. @jamiemlynn is one of those individuals I've looked up to growing up with snowboarding, and to get the small chance to travel with him and get to know him a little has been all time. He's highly photogenic, on and off the hill, and constantly exudes creative expression, which always leads to an unbelievable story, told in a poetic fashion. It's crazy to think all the places a camera can take you. #blessed #hashtagblessed

One last photo from @snowboardermag's #superpark21. Angles like this shot are rarely used, as the rider is too small in the frame, but I felt it was important to show the scale of what the @mammothmountain park crew built. @fridtjof_st hit this jump with absolutely no fear, and stomped a laid out double backflip on the beast. Risky maneuver to say the least, but the fact that he hit every feature with a backpack on makes it even better. I later found out that he wears his backpack while hitting all the jumps because it's an ode to his favorite character in Xbox's #Skate2. Looks like his transition to the backcountry will be seamless, and congrats on the #superunknown award! #speedsuit #snowboarding #snowboarder #snow #coolstory #ifyoucandreamityoucandoit #butwhatsinthepack #backpackguy

Well #superpark21, it's been a wild ride. Thank to @mammothmountain for an epic 2 weeks. Congrats to @halldor_helgason for the standout award, and all the riders and people who make this event happen! ๐Ÿ‚ @juiccyjokerr

@t.flan gets in a tree scrape on the @borealmtn feature up at @mammothmountain. #tured #harshwakeupcall #fml #superpark21

Sending healing vibes to @wakita_tomoki who took a wrong turn on the hip behind the jump right here. He stomped this bs 3 on the massive @mammothmountain jump, and has been sending it all week at @snowboardermag's #superpark21. Luckily he just has a broken ankle, and it could have been much worse. Two more days to go, stay safe out there everyone! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโ˜ฏ๏ธ

And so it begins... @snowboardermag's #Superpark21 is underway at @mammothmountain. There are so many insane features that all of the park builders have been slaving over the past couple weeks. After taking a break from the media frenzy, I shot this carve with @tuckermandrews, which happened to be my favorite photo of the day. #coolstory #snowboarder #rambleon #itsnotthesizeoftheprizebutthemotionintheocean #imacarvingphotographernow

There's nothing like a mellow 5 am wake up call for an early morning hike to the alpine. @travisrice and crew new the light would be good on this face in the am, and we got approval from from the ski area for early ups. From there we had an hour hike into the backcountry to the drop in spot. Forecasts were calling for some severe warming, and the weather man was spot on, as we could feel the heat cooking the snow at 7 am when we arrived. Not one to hesitate, Travis jumped right into this line, and crowns started propagating immediately. The sluff was fast, and terrifying to watch, but a seasoned pro like Rice negotiated the hazards like the snowboard scientist he is. The scariest part about getting this shot was the ride down. The sun had cooked the ridge we were to ride down, and the sluff created small wet slides that kept shedding as we rode down. We had to take it real slow, riding down giving each other a lot of space, and eventually made it to the valley bottom. The snow in the shade was still really good, so we worked the shady zones until it was time for a milk tea at the base. This shot ended up being the opening spread for the Fourth Phase book! #rambleon #snowboarder #coolstory #IfYouReadThisFarCongratulations #sluff #slufflord

Good times shooting with @scottyjames31 for @snowboardermag's #blackboardexperiment at @mammothmountain. This deep ditch was super fun to shoot, as I don't get to shoot much carving besides the #LBS. #coolstory #springbreak #snowboarder #rambleon

Spring time for most means warmer weather, shedding clothing, and getting ready for the enjoyment and warmth that summer brings. But for the pro shred types, this is their last chance to gather up those remaining shots for their video parts, and go for broke. Who cares if you get hurt, you got all summer to heal. Jkjkjkjk. #Superpark is just around the corner, and I want to throw it back to my first time shooting one, up at @mtbachelor. We all knew @scottyvine was going to try this trick, but to most of us, it didn't seem humanly possible. The cool thing about covering an event like this is that there are so many media people running around, and if communication is correct, you can divide and conquer and cover all the angles. In this particular situation @e_stone wanted to shoot a pulled out still, and I opted for the sequence from the knuckle. After several missed attempts, under rotating to a fs 5, Scotty put down this picture perfect fs 7 one footed frontside rail grab, and another #NBD was in the books for Vine. Last year Scott overshot a massive jump at @mammothmountain's Superpark and shattered some bones in his face. I'm excited to see what Vine has in store for this year, as I know he wants redemption, and possibly another NBD... Camera Nerd Info: Canon Mark 4 shot with 15mm lens. 2000th f 6.3 at 200 ISO #coolstory #springbreak #IfYouReadThisFarCongratulations #runonsentences #snowboarder #rambleon

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