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This is a series of photos I shot on my #hasselblad500cm at the boy taco house. Living there was fun all the homies were always in and out on the motos. #choppershit #120film #motorcycle

Round two of expired #35mmfilm Chicago pics. All the best dudes

This little series is from the last time I had my bmx bike in Chicago probably the best time I had riding in the last five years. This is part one of a expired roll that I found laying around my room before I went to Chicago. #35mmfilm also seeing these dudes ride Wilson that week was such a treat. #issackingofwilson

This beautiful babe just got the the 6 month mark and I couldn't be so proud. She planned a awesome getaway to San Antonio were we over ate and chilled harder than most. These are pictures from the last couple days. ❤❤❤❤

This is a series from the ramp/yard on 35mm lomochrome film. I miss these sessions also I forgot some tags so let me know who's I forgot. #35mmfilm #bonedeth

So today I decided that I'm going to go through all my old film and give them a look with fresh eyes. I didn't realize how much I had and how much I forgot about, so that being said I'm going to be posting series of old photos to get them out there. Today I start with this series of this bad boy On his birthday. Hope it was a good one bud!
Heavy summer session
#film #35mmfilm

Banzai got married and I had the hottest date at the wedding

Im sure lucky and glad that I have this girl. She is my rock and I'd be pretty lost without her. Also can't wait for our next trip.

When I showed @misskellieconnolly Silver lake beach. I was in SilverLake less than a hour and she saw everything haha

Today with the family messin around at the field museum

Hanging with family, doing tourist things, and being with my beautiful @misskellieconnolly

Came home to watch @hosstintx test out a kicker he just built

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