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Koreanomics 101: tiny pots of cream cheese should cost $2.50, even if their contents tastes like shit. Somewhere, somehow, Park Geun-hye is at fault for this. #헬조선

On the flight deck.

The USS Carl Vinson.

Accessorising like a mother bitch for today's trip to Busan. #FavreLeuba #RayBan #Clubmaster #Accessories #SwissWatch #Sunglasses #Wallet

"Dad's watching documentaries about medieval European history again... FML."

RIP, Cisewu, you magnificent-mouthed bastard. Pass on a bro fist to Harambe when you see him. 😟


내 애인랑. 😚

Despite being a former soldier, I'm not really one for hubristic national exceptionalism. That being said, even I shed a tear of pride when I laid my eyes upon the latest vessel commissioned into Her Majesty's fleet.

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